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Magento 1 has inherited security issues: just over the month of September  around two thousands Magento1 shops have faced a Magecart attack. These high profile attacks tend to occur now and then with online shops by breaking the infrastructure and placing the skimmer which looks benign for being detected. Through skimming sensitive information from checkout pages, like email addresses, passwords, and credit cards numbers are simply captured by attackers. These attacks have been first detected and investigated by Sansec anti-skimming technologies   

Furthermore, after a serious vulnerability Magento1 has become an attractive target for Magecart attacks, as it is considered an outdated platform which no longer receives any software updates. On June 30, 2020, Magento made officially the Magento1 End of Life announcement. Consequently, there will not be any technical support, any security or quality updates required to run Magento 1 Commerce stores safely and up-to-date.

Also, Magento 1 merchants have been advised officially to upgrade their e-Commerce platforms as soon as possible to defend their data against hacking attacks. Around 200,000 companies which are still using Magento1 have to take serious steps to upgrade their e-Commerce systems. Is it worth continuing development of Magento 1 shops or migrating  to the latest version of Magento 2? Even though there are some migration tools and Magento 2 is a more advanced e-Commerce platform in terms of scalability and security, the process itself is not simple, as it requires significant changes of both website frontend and backend. Since the upgrade to Magento 2 is costly and time-consuming, one can choose  other  alternatives of which we would recommend Shopware

In times of adversity Shopware 6 can be offered as a flexible and cost-effective solution to Magento. Introduced in 2019  at the keynote of the Shopware Community Day it is a new commodity in the e-Commerce world. Most up-to-date Shopware 6 technologies provide both a secure and scalable systems (see further details on In terms of configuration, Shopware is at the top, as it offers the abundance of configuration options which can be easily implemented and maintained in future such as: multilingual/multicurrency settings, any number of filtering and sorting options (see examples on Geuther), a choice of shipping and payment methods, multichannel capability: unlimited number of subshops based on different domains. But the highlight feature of Shopware is Shopping Worlds. This extension has been built with a purpose to create emotional experiences in online stores, that has a great influence on customer purchasing decisions. The customer attention is captured on multiple levels of viewing the products through high quality images, banners, sliders, and slideviews, thus increasing the customer engagement with the brand. In addition to this, Shopware has a responsive and customer friendly Web design optimized for all devices. It can also be developed according to Corporate Identity (check Rollenland-Case Study for more details) to make a company more distinctive on the market. Well-structured SEO pages mainly built on CMS (Content Management System) such as Homepage, Category page, Product page, and  Checkout pages are designed to enhance the performance of the shop and usability as well as to raise the  conversion rate. Besides, the shop owners can add any  number of their individual features to the shop design thanks to a wide selection of the plugins developed due to their business needs.

All things considered, there are many solutions to the problem of security threats. The sooner these solutions are put in action, the more protected information in global e-Commerce will be. However, we would like to point out,  Shopware 6 stands out against the others, as it is the one of the most modern, flexible and simple platforms to migrate with no downtime. Do not hesitate to contact Kenner Soft Service for further assistance or should you require webshop development based on Shopware.



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