According to the annual survey of Stack Overflow programmers, javascript development is the most popular direction. This is not surprising: after all, JavaScript provides convenient interactive applications. The functionality of the language is very broad and developers can choose from the various sets of libraries.

As trends and fashion are constantly changing, the same applies to the Software Development world: some JavaScript frameworks are becoming more popular, others are losing their relevance and importance.

Consider the trends and the most popular JavaScript frameworks of the current 2020 year:


Benefits. It is open-source software. Helps to make the interface convenient. Faster and easier configured than React or Angular javascript framework. It has a simple integration and relatively easy to learn.

Disadvantages. The disadvantage is that Vue is a relatively new framework and finding necessary documentation might prove difficult. The program so far has limited trust from users as adaptation is still low.




Benefits. It has become one of the most popular frameworks due to its flexibility and ease of migration between versions. Also, it is easier for bots to browse web sites build on React JavaScript framework, making the process of SEO-optimisation trouble-free and uncomplicated.

Disadvantages. There is a lot of data about React JavaScript but at the same time documentation is disorganised and fragmented, making a thorough study of React difficult.



Benefits. Angular has a lot of features. Has two-way data binding. Stable with Google. Using this framework minimizes the risk of errors. However, it is hardly the best javascript framework.

Disadvantages. Applications for mobile devices on Angular JavaScript framework are usually very power-hungry, draining the battery of the mobile device. Migrating from version to version is not error-free. It takes time to study.




Benefits. This framework allows you to send multiple requests at the same time. Node framework allows an opportunity to create separate tools completely independently. Making a site on Node JavaScript is also relatively faster than using other languages, and this framework is more web-oriented.

Disadvantages. Unstable interface and lack of multithreaded programming capabilities. There might be situations where a developer is considering to write his own JavaScript framework. This decision should be justified considering the functionality of the existing programs discussed above. It would make sense, in our opinion, only if there is a specific task or tasks that can not be covered by existing frameworks.

Defining the easiest and fastest JavaScript framework is almost impossible, as clearly each one has certain advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, it is worth choosing a framework that will solve specific problems. In order to choose the most suitable front-end framework, it is important to understand what tasks need to be accomplished. Only then a proper decision could be made.

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