What does an SAP consultant do?

What is an SAP consultant? Not everyone immediately understands what it is all about. The SAP Consultant specializes in SAP software and helps customers select and implement the product they need. He assists with the adaptation and optimization of SAP software solutions and also trains employees so that they can use the ERP system correctly.

A qualified, competent e-commerce consultant is an all-rounder in the IT sector for SAP software. He acts as an interface between IT staff and the customer, adapting the ERP solutions to the company's needs. There are different areas of SAP consulting: logistics, accounting, controlling. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, the consultant should analyze the operational processes and work out strategies for development and solution approaches.

The consultant ensures a smooth workflow so that the SAP software offered brings the full benefit. This is why an experienced SAP consultant is so important for large and medium-sized companies. He acquires special knowledge and can prove it with a certificate. This opens up cool career opportunities and excellent salary prospects.

In which areas do SAP consultants work?

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For those who do not understand the meaning of an SAP consultant, we will explain it briefly. Nowadays, this is a sought-after specialist who can be deployed in many areas. They are responsible for a wide variety of tasks and can bring many benefits to the company. These can include industry, energy and logistics, as well as finance, retail and ICT. As he brings know-how to the business, the need for this profession is unimaginable.

Some SAP consultants choose the industry by considering their specialization in certain SAP solutions. You can also make the decision based on your own preferences. Companies always need different software to support their business processes. This is where SAP consultants come to the rescue. They find suitable SAP solutions for customized needs, implement and customize them.

Many web store agencies offer help from certified SAP consultants who have many years of experience and extensive expertise. They support companies on a professional level, developing targeted strategies that drive the business forward.

Financial institutions need special solutions to manage financial data, analyze risks and offer innovative products. These include financial management, risk management and banking solutions. For the logistics industry, there are solutions for procurement and production, maintenance, distribution and quality management to optimize supply chains and reduce transportation costs. As something is constantly being developed, manufactured, marketed and maintained in industry, SAP solutions are introduced. So these industries can't get around it without the help of a technical SAP consultant.

What skills should an SAP consultant have?

Do you want to become a consultant and learn more about the requirements for this job profile? Are you asking yourself: "How do I become an SAP consultant?" Here you can find out what this profession is and what an SAP consultant does. You can also find out more about the qualities a professional must have and what they need to be able to do.

A specialist must have good organizational, communication, teaching, theoretical and analytical skills. Technical understanding is also essential. As the range of tasks of an SAP consultant is broad, they should have business knowledge and good professional experience.

Before deciding on this profession, you should get to know the requirements that this job entails:

  • The SAP Consultant supports customers on site and often has to be on the road as well as on business trips.
  • They are highly resilient, as they support customers after the software has been introduced and must solve problems quickly.
  • The working hours of these specialists are long. They often have to work around the clock. The work-life balance is ruined. As the IT industry is fast-moving, experts should regularly undergo further training. Then they can always offer the latest solutions.
  • The SAP consultant is given a variety of tasks and must be able to fulfill them properly. In any case, they do not have to do without teamwork. If you have these qualities, then get into this profession!

What tasks does an SAP consultant perform?

SAP consultant is a desirable career goal for several IT specialists. It is a varied job that pays very well, among other things. Representatives of this profession are given a variety of tasks. They often work with experts from different specialist areas and are seen as a mouthpiece for the customer. The consultants accompany the customer throughout the entire project. In doing so, they fulfill additional tasks:

  • Introduction and optimization of ERP software at the customer;
  • Requirements analysis;
  • Application of SAP software solutions in different areas;
  • Product presentations;
  • project management;
  • Customer training;
  • Support of SAP solutions;
  • Analysis of business processes.

The range of activities of a technical SAP consultant is multifaceted. Depending on the employer and the project, the tasks may vary. Some are dropped and new ones are added. Consultants can also specialize in individual areas (ERP, CRM, SCM) and add their own technical skills to the project.

The SAP consultant with technical and business skills understands the customer's needs and provides suitable SAP solutions. In this way, they help to improve business processes and increase the company's efficiency.

How do you become an SAP consultant?

There are various routes into this profession (specialized schools, universities of applied sciences, universities, colleges). The SAP consultant usually needs a bachelor's degree in mathematics, business administration or business informatics. During their studies, they acquire in-depth knowledge of software development and learn to understand business processes. Test installations give them their first insights into SAP.

Knowledge of SAP software can be acquired at special seminars. There you will learn the ABAP programming language and how to use SAP BI analysis tools. Training to become a "Certified IT Consultant", further training and internships make it easier to enter this profession. Special SAP training courses are held to learn how to use SAP. They usually end with certification.

Suitable internships after graduation and participation in projects are also good prerequisites for this job. The working student activities and part-time jobs associated with SAP should also not be overlooked.

Important information: What salary can SAP consultants expect when starting out?

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As this profession is in demand, SAP consultants are among the top earners. However, not everyone understands what influences the starting salary. A good education and a degree are not enough. There are also important factors that should definitely be taken into account. These include above all:

  • the degree;
  • the choice of IT profession
  • the size of the company
  • the field of activity;
  • the federal state in which you work.
  • Now let's take a closer look at what salary an SAP consultant can expect when starting out.

It is important to understand that the degree plays a significant role. It is almost impossible to start as an SAP Consultant with a Bachelor's degree straight out of university. This rarely happens. SAP requires knowledge. It should be linked to both aptitude and literally learning the ropes.

During the 12 months you should get to know the programs and different modules as well as their advantages. You can also do such a course during your studies. Then it is possible to earn 41,300 - 54,000 euros as a Bachelor. If the SAP consultant has a Master's degree, they can expect to earn 45,420 - 59,390 euros per year. A specialist with a doctorate can earn more than 62,000 euros per year.

The salaries of SAP consultants in 2024 also vary depending on the size of the company. In large corporations, the ERP requirements are much more complex. This is why it is necessary to implement SAP. An SAP consultant receives between 50,870 and 66,520 euros. In medium-sized companies, the salary varies between 44,970 and 58,800 euros. In smaller companies, SAP consultants can earn between 42,240 and 55,230 euros.

Salaries can also vary in different sectors. On the whole, this know-how is worth a lot. That is why the annual salary of an SAP consulting services is over 50,000 euros. In retail, it can be lower. In medicine it is over 56,000 euros and in the automotive industry it rises to almost 60,000 euros.

Salaries are also different in different federal states. They are highest in Hesse (50,000 - 66,000 euros). In Baden-Württemberg, an SAP consultant earns up to 58,000 euros per year. In Saarland and Berlin, the salary is over 50,000 euros. SAP specialists in eastern Germany (Saxony and Brandenburg) earn the lowest salaries (over 45,000 euros).

If you are interested in SAP development or SAP consulting, don't hesitate! You should never lose your chance to master an interesting, well-paid profession.

Frequently asked questions

What does an SAP consultant do?

The SAP consultant specializes in consulting on SAP products and helps solve problems.

How much does an SAP Consultant earn?

The salary of a Junior SAP Consultant is 40,000 euros per year. The more experience, the higher the salary.

Can anyone become an SAP consultant?

No, not everyone can become an SAP consultant, as this position requires specialized training and expertise.

Are you interested in a dedicated team?

Please contact our team, we will be glad to help you.

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