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The Best Mastering Plugin for Stock Updates in E-commerce

Dieses Plugin ist verfügbar für Shopware


This plugin "Shopware Advanced Stock and Availability" enables you to display more detailed information about article availability and delivery time.

Customer Benefits:

Accurate Information.
The customer is provided with more detailed information about the  item availability.
Increase in Sales.
The information "Item will soon be sold out" can encourage the customer to buy.
Responsive Design.
The plugin functions work on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
Simplicity in Operation.
All entries on a page can be changed by using a Text Editor.

Technical Description

The Item Card

Information about the item availability is showcased on the product page, just below the price.


In the admin section you can specify the requirements under which a certain info text is displayed.
A requirement consists of:
  • The maximum number of articles for a certain criterion.
  • The text which is displayed to the customer.
  • The CSS text with colour properties (red, yellow, green).
  • 0 | article is currently not in stock | red - number of articles < 0
  • 9 | article is soon sold out | yellow - number of articles = 1-9
  • * | items in stock | green - number of items is high

Installation Instructions

  • Install a plugin.
  • Make settings in the Plugin Manager.
  • Done. Enjoy and simply contact us should you have any further questions.

By default, all our modules are encrypted. For an encrypted module to function, the installation of IonCube Loader on your web server is required. An unencrypted version of the module can be purchased at an additional cost.