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The Best E-commerce Plugin for Filtering Product Attributes

Dieses Plugin ist verfügbar für Shopware


The plugin extends the functionality of Shopware filters by a possible grouping of the attribute values and use of images as filter criteria.


Thanks to this module, many similar characteristics of the products are combined under one attribute value, so that the search for this attribute value will output all products with the related properties. The plugin additionally permits utilizing images instead of texts as filter conditions, it is particularly helpful while choosing the color. It can be set when the filtering takes place after each user selection  or only after clicking the search button. It is also possible to change the location of the filter panel.

Customer Benefits:

  • Unencrypted Module
  • Responsive Design
  • Simplicity in Operation
  • Extension of the Filters Functionality

Technical Functioning

Let your items be found better

If you have items that match more than one filter value of one type, for example a jacket is available in three colours (yellow, green, blue), you can have this jacket found with any matching attribute value of the color, whether the user is searching for yellow, green or blue. Also, jackets in similar colors (e.g. blue, dark blue and azure) can be easily found by setting "blue".

Automatic or manual filtering can be applied

You can also choose between manual and automatic filtering:

  • Manual filtering. First, you should select all criteria for filtering, and then you click the "Search" button.
  • Automatic filtering occurs after each selection of the filter value, the filter criteria that don't fit are automatically hidden.

The Filter Panel Location

You can change the position of the filter panel on the page. It is possible to place it either on the left or above the search results.

Images Usable as Filter Values

A lot of users perceive graphic content faster than text. Thanks to this plugin, products can be filtered according to product attributes, which are displayed through images or color tiles. This is especially useful for filtering the following product properties like a color or material.

The Option to Hide Some Filters

You can completely mask out an attribute with all related properties from the filter panel to draw users' attention to the other filters, thus leaving only important ones visible in the filter panel.

Installation Instructions

For the installation of the Shopware Variant Filter module you need:

  • to upload the archive through the Plugin Manager;
  • to set the plugin;
  • to clear the cache.
    By default, all our modules are encrypted. For an encrypted module to function, the installation of IonCube Loader on your web server is required. An unencrypted version of the module can be purchased at an additional cost. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.