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Shopware Automatic Voucher-Redeeming

Dieses Plugin ist verfügbar für Shopware


The plugin permits to automatically redeem a voucher in the checkout after the voucher code has been entered in the corresponding field.

Customer Benefits:

Responsive Design.
The plugin functions are optimized for smartphones and tablets.
Simplicity in Operation.
The plugin is easy to set from the admin area.
User Friendly.
The plugin improves the usability of your online shop for your visitors.
No Chance for Leaving Vouchers Forgotten.
It is impossible for a customer to forget to redeem his coupon code.

Technical Functioning

User Functions

  • First, a user enters the voucher code in the appropriate field.
  • Then he enters his voucher code, which is automatically taken into account by the system or simply you can click the voucher button.
  • Next, the plugin verifies the voucher code and the user may receive a notification about possible problems.
  • Finally, the voucher has been accepted with all discounts automatically made and price updates.


The admin can set the next action to be performed after the automatic voucher verification:

  • Reload the page automatically.
  • Reload the page manually.

Installation Instructions

  • Install a plugin.
  • Make settings in the Plugin Manager.
  • Done. Enjoy and simply contact us should you have any further questions.

By default, all our modules are encrypted. For an encrypted module to function, the installation of IonCube Loader on your web server is required. An unencrypted version of the module can be purchased at an additional cost.