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Shopware Default Variant Preselection

Dieses Plugin ist verfügbar für Shopware


The plugin permits to specify the article variants, which are shown to the customer on the product page as "selected" by default.

Customer Benefits:

Increase in Sales.
 The customer can see that the item is available and can purchase it right away.
Simplicity in Operation.
The standard variants can be easily set in the admin panel.
Better Usability and Higher Conversions.
Thanks to the use of the plugin, you can improve both your usability and conversions.
Responsive Design.
The plugin works on the desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Technical Functioning

Preselection for the User

When opening the product page, the article variant is automatically selected by the system, which has been preset as a default variant in the admin panel. The button "Add to shopping cart" will be activated immediately, which will positively influence your sales opportunities and ultimately conversions.

Settings in the Admin Section

For each article with variants on the product page, a specific article variant can be preselected in the admin panel. For this you have to set a checkbox in the item settings against the desired article variant. If the admin has not selected a variant or the selected variant is not available, the first available variant is displayed by default.

Installation Instructions

  • Install a plugin.
  • Make settings in the Plugin Manager.
  • Done. Enjoy and simply contact us should you have any further questions.

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