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Shopware Promotional Banner

Dieses Plugin ist verfügbar für Shopware


The plugin allows you to create a Countdown banner to promote articles, categories, or explicit store pages. With this module you can carry out your actions and sellouts considerably more effectively!

Customer Benefits:

Responsive Design
The plugin is optimized for smartphones and tablets.
The plugin settings can be customized according to your requirements, including both the background image and the countdown colour.
Increase in the Conversion Rate
The plugin encourages customers to make their purchase right away.
Simplicity in Operation
The plugin is easy to set up.

Technical Functioning


On the homepage a block with the countdown clock is displayed to create urgency and drive action.
The widget consists of the following elements:
  • Background image
  • Overlay
  • Headline
  • Text
  • Countdown
  • Call-to-Action button

Settings in the Admin Section

The module settings take place in the Widget configuration, in marketing → Shopping World
The administrator can:
  • Upload a background image.
  • Set overlay; countdown; headlines and a text; the Call-to-Action Button; a redirect page.
  • Set the blocks placement in the plugin with the mapping included.

Installation Instructions
  • Install a plugin.
  • Make settings in the Plugin Manager.
  • Done. Enjoy and simply contact us should you have any further questions.

By default, all our modules are encrypted. For an encrypted module to function, the installation of IonCube Loader on your web server is required. An unencrypted version of the module can be purchased at an additional cost.