Technologies: icon Technologies:

  • OXID eShop Professional Edition
  • PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS
  • Docker for local development of the website in order to run all possible applications as one package
  • Git, Ansible for CI/CD

Services: icon Services:

  • Technical support, guidance, and consultations
  • Promptly solving problems with the integration of Google Commerce's online services
  • Setting up BreadcrumbList for structured data to increase the semantic value of the page
  • Reviewing any issues with your product data and being notified about data alerts with Google Merchant



Inkosafe is an online shop that specializes in urological materials and items of personal hygiene. Established in 2005, the company has been designed to help people who suffer from urinary incontinence by providing them with self-care products of high quality in order to maintain their well-being.

The Homepage contains a search form, good navigation, a slider,  some links to the popular categories,  product supply updates, and a SEO text. 

The design of the shop is based on a standardized  OXID eSales Flow Theme with the main menu equipped with a horizontal scroll bar, which gives a better display of the menu achieved through fixed height measurements of the menu design despite the number of categories. 

Category →Product→Checkout

For this project the checkout process was maximally optimized in order to increase the conversion rate through the following methods:

  • using high-quality pictures on your products;
  • a non-distractor shopping cart (you might leave it without completing your purchase process but it still keeps the things you have chosen so that you will be able to buy them later at any convenient time for you without being reminded);
  • placing product categories logically in order to find them easily;
  • making a shopping cart visible all the time and your e-commerce store safe by displaying some sorts of GeoTrust or other  security badges;
  • providing engaging detailed product information based on the guests’  feedback, product testimonials, and product reviews.

The key rule to improve conversion rates is to make a simple shopping experience and one of the ways to do this is an out-of-the-box optimized checkout which is excellent for those who are from different target business groups. Moreover, a multi-steps checkout allows you to provide a cleaner, neater and well-organized design for the pages, which you can easily control through the progress bar.  And here you have the option to check out without signing for an account. 


The customer was provided with the usual level service. For the last six months of the project maintenance, the average lead time of the task (to go from an in Queue state to a Completed state) equalled one day. As such,  the project tasks assigned with “Intermediate” Status were processed and completed within 1 day.

Category →Product→Checkout Category →Product→Checkout

Integration of the external services:

  • Usercentrics Consent Management Platform
  • Doofinder as a powerful search engine  to increase sales 
  • Google Commerce Search
  • Google Tag Manager 
  • Trusted Shop
  • Sales Tracking Pixels

Integrated  payment methods:

  • Vorkasse
  • PayPal PLUS
  • DIRECTeBanking
  • Paydirekt

Special features for merchandise:

  • Sale of  the items via packages 
  • Wholesale product prices
  • Product variants  according to their  size
  • Special labels for items available for purchase or sold out