Chatbot development

The world is steadily moving away from communicating in social networks to using more messenger programmes (currently standing at around 2 billion users). And today businesses have a question to answer: start using chatbot programs now or try to catch up with competition later?

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At the moment chatbots are actively used to order food, taxi, to book tickets, order cloth or home equipment from the internet. What makes the process even more convenient that this can be done simply via standard messengers, without a further need to install additional programs or APPs.


For a client

this is the most comfortable way to order what he needs.


For business

this is an easy way to make contacts, collect data and communicate with the client around the clock.

We specialize in developing Chatbots for automating business processes. 
Our solutions save company resources, improve communication and are an effective marketing tool.


What do we help to achieve?

achievement-1Create new customers

Chatbot sales funnel is an ingenious method to increase the number of transactions. The chatbot functionality allows company to receive from customers all necessary information to create order, automatically accept the order, import it into the CRM system for further processing.

achievement-2Automate standard business processes

Chatbots are able to automate standard repetitive processes such as formation and sending of reports, invoices, procurement orders to suppliers, certificates and other documents. It is also possible to increase the speed of reporting by employees, registering events, receiving all notifications, adding photos, sending their geolocation, and so on. This will ensure proper data integration with the information systems of the company.

achievement-3Sales Autofunnel

In the field of tourism, the chatbot is indispensable tool for helping customers to select the best tour options based on data that can be collected as a result of the survey: date and time
 of departure, number of people, client’s budget and other preferences. For a real estate agency, a chatbot can conduct 
a client survey and, based on his answers, form 
a personalized offer.


achievement-4Retain and reclaim customers

By sending personalized offers, gamification, bonuses, event reminders and other important information, the business can effectively keep in touch with existing active customers as well to recover old non-active customers.

achievement-5Automate maintenance and reduce staff workload

Chatbot help to reduce the human factor and staff costs by taking care of some of their functions: providing advice, answers to frequently asked questions, checking order statuses, sending invoices and more.

Chatbots have a number of advantages:

  • the cost of developing chatbots is lower compared to mobile applications;
  • they integrate seamlessly with CRM / ERP / PIM systems;
  • a simple, convenient and effective method of communication with customers through familiar messengers;
  • chatbots can be quickly modified and adjusted depending on the needs of the business;
  • performance of chatbots does not depend on the speed of the Internet and the functionality of the smartphone;
  • with chatbots, the process of communication with the client becomes as simple and productive as possible.

Why choose KennerSoft for Chatbot solutions?

Over 3 years of experience in chatbots design and development and more than 10 years of expertise in developing solutions for business automation and eCommerce development.

  • Experienced development team. We do not work with template designs but develop full-featured solutions for business.
  • The first project of developing a chatbot for automating correspondence with a client, collecting applications and transferring them to CRM was implemented in 2016, long before this topic became hot.
  • Over 10 years of experience in e-commerce and business automation. KennerSoft team is highly experienced in developing integrated systems and implementing effective business solutions.
  • Promotion of the bots. Our approach is to promote chatbots to attract the target audience.

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Chatbot capabilities

Capabilities of the Chatbots are virtually limitless, even most complex 
functions can be developed.

Access to clients

Access to the database of clients 
subscribed to Chatbots

Detailed information on subscribers, the history of their messages and actions.

Integration with systems

Integration with CRM-system, Postal Services, programs via API

Any services or resources that are connected via API can be also integrated with the bot.

Online payment

Connection of online payment functions

Chatbot includes the ability to send messages or links to online payment platforms, so orders can be taken directly from the bot.

Subscriber data

Storing and using subscriber data

All data that the bot receives from the user is stored in the database. Therefore it is possible to send targeted messages to each particular client.

Analysis of Chatbot efficiency

Analysis of Chatbot efficiency

Ability to receive reports and statistical data with analytics about the number of subscribers or sales performance for any period of time.

Types of Chat Bots

There are following categories of the Chatbots according to the tasks they can perform:

  • Support service
  • Delivery service
  • Human Resources
  • Conferences, forums
  • Booking tickets
  • Bots for the tourism sector
  • Bots for the services sector
  • Financial institutions and banks
  • Tailor-made solutions. We will develop a bot with any functionality adapted to your tasks.

Stages of a Chatbot Development

  • Step 1: Custom Script Design
  • Step 2: Preparation of the platform on the server
  • Step 3: API Development
  • Step 4: Bot development, user scripts
  • Step 5: Functional Testing
  • Step 6: Launch
  • Step 7: Bot support and development