Implementation of EspoCRM

Companies that are looking to automate and improve business processes should definitely consider EspoCRM. This software helps to improve cooperation between the production, marketing and sales departments of the company. In addition to improving the sales process, managers have necessary reliable customer data to enable planning and decision-making processes.

EsproCRM is used in the following industries

EspoCRM is a modern web-based open source CRM program that works as a web application and allows integration of various systems. It is aimed to build and maintain long-term relationships with customers. While several paid extensions exist, the basic version has enough to offer for planning tasks, analyze the work of managers and company performance as a whole, capture and monitor all interactions with the clients.

  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Banks and Financial sector
  • Calls and Data Processing centers
  • Manufacturing enterprises
  • Educational institutions
  • Travel and Hospitality industries
  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance companies

Web CRM based on the latest technology

  • Installed on any regular hosting.
  • Updates with new features every two months.
  • Responsive design, adaptable to mobile devices and tablets.
  • Ultrafast CRM.
  • Open source CRM licensed under GPLv3.
  • An unlimited number of users.
  • Free CRM with paid extensions.
  • Easy to configure without need to adjust the program code.
  • Integration with IP telephony Binotel

Advantages of EspoCRM

Perhaps the major advantage of this CRM Software is the availability and being an Open Source. It can be uploaded and installed on any regular hosting without the need for additional software. Simply download and run the program, set up and adjust to your company's needs and requirements. There are also regular updates with new functions approximately every other month.

Free and paid versions

This CRM system is available as a free and also paid version. EspoCRM has been on the market and widely used for some time, our experience is that it is stable and very effective. We found this to be an optimal tool to improve communication between the departments, streamline workflow and control over tasks progress and completion. To make sure this system is right for your company needs a free trial version is available. Also, the application has an attractive design and thoughtful structure, so working with this system will be pleasant and convenient for everyone.


EspoCRM system includes the following:

  • Sales automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Data security system
  • Reports and analytics
  • Widget panel
  • Calendar management
  • Email Management
  • Timeline
  • Support service

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