Custom CPQ Software

Do you need a good sales solution to digitally map and automate your quotation preparation? Using CPQ solutions, you can speed up processes and drive your business forward.

We offer you an essential solution - KennerPIM with the product configuration module created in it, which implements the CPQ concept. It stores, processes and manages product information and is used to publish relevant data on various sales channels. The software thus plays a decisive role in sales, increasing productivity and conversion rates.


Functionality of custom CPQ solution and KennerPIM

The CPQ and PIM systems work together. The PIM system provides the technical product data, the necessary texts and images, while the CPQ system automatically provides up-to-date product information.

CPQ stands for Configure, Price and Quote. This abbreviation covers sales processes (product configuration, price calculation, quotation preparation). The CPQ software supports, digitalises and optimises this process chain. It creates a central, future-proof platform for the configuration and pricing of multi-variant products and services.

Quotation preparation is a continuous process. With the help of the CPQ solution provider, you can easily adapt quotations of varying scope to customer requirements. Automated processes contribute to the consistent creation of quotations. The phases of the sales process run through the CPQ solution:


The services and products are configured according to customer requirements. The desired functions and components in the product can be precisely recorded. The available customisation options, bundled components and combined functions are then specified. This means that customers immediately receive the desired product without having to manually enter specifications and configuration details.

CPQ tool is integrated into existing ERP, CRM and accounting systems, as well as e-commerce platforms. This ensures accurate product data at the time of quotation creation.


Thanks to CPQ solutions, prices can be calculated in real time based on the configured specifications of the product. Price components include basic prices for certain functions and components as well as discounts and surcharges for certain product options or customer segments. On request, discounts can be offered for bulk orders or surcharges can be added for certain features.

There are other factors that influence the price. These include taxes, shipping costs, special promotions and offers and discounts from suppliers. With the help of CPQ, pricing rules can be based on the company's business model.


The information about the included products, services and prices as well as special offers are linked until the product is assembled and the price calculation is finalised. This also includes sales conditions and accepted payment methods.

Open source product information management system KennerPIM

KennerPIMKennerPIM has many ready-to-use functions. These include channels, catalogues, categories, product families and attributes. The software has a compatibility module that ensures backward compatibility with other systems. The workflow looks like this:

Content transfer: the descriptions, images, prices and attributes are imported into KennerPIM. Thanks to the integrated DAM application, it is easier to find, manage and publish digital media (images, videos). This makes it possible to reduce the time to market, convert and utilise the information efficiently.

Presentation in Shopware: The products and categories are transferred to Shopware via a connector. Here the buyer can see and order them.

It is important to emphasise that we have an integration with Shopware and WooCommerce. Shopware also has an assembly configurator.
Difficulties that arise in the quotation process

Every strategic CPQ solution brings benefits and advantages to the company. However, there are always unpleasant moments that need to be overcome. The following problems often occur when preparing a quotation:

  • Product configuration is complex. Errors can occur due to high administration costs.
  • Pricing is complicated by current and customised prices for sales and partners.
  • It takes effort and costs to onboard new employees and partners.
  • The strategy is inconsistent. There is a lack of authorisation for discounts.
  • Information for cross- & upselling is not automated.
  • Poor customer experience is possible due to incorrect offers.
  • Delayed offer creation slows time to market.
  • Currencies and taxes are different.

Advantages of the CPQ solution

CPQ software offers a number of advantages. In areas such as sales, configuration, pricing and quotation preparation, you will notice further positive changes:

Process acceleration

You can speed up the entire sales process.

Error avoidance

As the system knows the rules, errors can be avoided when configuring and creating the quotation.

Simplified work

Product knowledge is anchored in the CPQ system. This makes it easier for new sales colleagues to get started.

Efficiency and cost reduction

As the software relieves employees of a lot of work, costs are reduced. CPQ processes are accelerated and work becomes more efficient.

Reliable transfer of information

The CPQ tool automatically informs you about cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Customer analysis

You get to know the wishes and needs of the target group and analyse the most popular configurations.

Improved customer experience

With the help of the configurator, you can increase the time spent on the website and customer loyalty, as they engage with the products themselves.

Increase in turnover

Effective work in the company and better customer loyalty increase sales.

Plus points of our e-commerce agency

The experienced specialists at our company will help you to develop and professionally design your web shop, paying attention to every detail. With us, you get a complete solution from A to Z and are always up to date. These are the most important reasons why you should choose our full-service e-commerce agency:

Cool results

We help your company move forward. You gain more attention from customers and increase your own sales.

Modern appearance

Because we take all the details into account, we offer the best CPQ software solutions. They meet the latest technical requirements and create a great internet presence.

Simple operation

We customise your shop system to your requirements and add the desired functions.

Increasing efficiency

We enable uninterrupted data exchange with PIM, CRM and ERP systems. This boosts productivity within the company.

Continuous support

You can contact us at any time. We are also available to you after the project.

Many years of experience

As our experts have extensive specialist knowledge and the skills they have acquired, they successfully handle a large number of projects.

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