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Online commerce is booming - and the competition in e-commerce is huge. To stand out from the competition, you need to have a well thought-out strategy and use the e-commerce website solutions that will bring you success.

We, Kenner Soft Services GmbH, are familiar with the latest e-commerce trends and will be happy to advise you.


Services of our e-commerce agency

Our competent e-commerce agency offers a wide range of services for your business needs:

Consulting and strategy

As an online store agency, we offer consulting services to develop and improve your e-commerce strategy.

Software selection

We help you choose the right e-commerce website solution for your needs. We are familiar with the best online shop solutions in Germany and worldwide: Shopware, OXID, Magento and others.

Software Development

Our experienced team develops appealing online stores that are user-friendly and feature-rich. If needed, we take over creation of custom modules and product configurators.

Design and user experience

We create user-friendly designs and optimize it to increase conversion rates, or help you choose an available theme.

Security and data protection

We implement security measures to protect your customers and sensitive data.

Third-party integrations

We integrate required third-party tools such as ERP, PIM, CRM and other e-commerce development solutions as well as payment systems.

Testing and quality assurance

We perform comprehensive software testing and ensure the highest code quality.

Optimization and maintenance

We monitor the performance of your webshop and optimize your website continuously.

Optimization and maintenance of your online shop

Optimization and maintenance of your online store are continuous processes which are crucial for the long-term success of your online business.

Optimization focuses on improving the performance and user experience of your website. This includes optimizing load times (image compression, caching, content delivery network, minimizing HTTP requests, code and server optimization, etc.), improving navigation, adjusting design and other measures.

Maintenance of your website includes regular updates, security patches and bug fixes. This ensures the stability and security of your web store. With constantly evolving technologies and increasing security requirements, regular maintenance is essential to avoid problems and protect your website from threats.

Our e-commerce agency offers comprehensive optimization and maintenance services for your online store. Our experienced team continuously monitors the performance of your website, performs updates, fixes possible bugs and makes suggestions for improvement. With our services, you will be ready for the demands of the e-commerce market, ensuring your long-term success.

Individual connectors

We develop individual interfaces to enable data exchange and interaction between different applications. These are CRM, ERP, PIM systems and other software solutions for online store. We can also connect your online store to required marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, price search engines). Our connectors automate processes and data transfers, which saves time and minimizes human errors.

Modules for e-commerce development solutions

In the world of e-commerce, flexibility is the key to success. Every business has unique requirements that cannot always be covered by standard features. Using additional modules can help you customize your online store according to your needs.

Choosing the necessary modules in e-commerce depends on the specific needs of your store, your industry and your goals. Usually, store owners choose e-commerce modules that extend the following functionalities:

  • Product management
  • Individualization of products (product configurator)
  • Shopping cart and checkout
  • User accounts
  • Search and filter functions
  • Customer ratings and reviews
  • Payment gateways
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Merchandise Management System (WMS)
  • Mobile optimization
  • SEO tools
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Customer support and live chat
  • Marketing tools
  • Social media integration

We will be happy to assist you in analyzing your business requirements and selecting additional extensions. If required, we can take over the creation of new modules or product configurators of any complexity.

Onlineshop relaunch

An online store relaunch is an important strategic decision that needs to be carefully planned. When is it necessary:

Outdated technology. If your existing online store is based on outdated technology, it can lead to performance issues, security vulnerabilities and lack of scalability. Therefore, a relaunch would be necessary to move to a more modern platform.

Business model change. If your business model changes, e.g. from B2C to B2B or vice versa, a relaunch may also be an option to adapt the website accordingly.
Usability improvement. If customer feedback or usability analysis indicates user experience issues, a relaunch can be used to improve the site's design and navigation.
New features. Adding new features such as personalized recommendations, live chat or enhanced payment options may require a relaunch.

We would be happy to help you with your online store relaunch and take your business to the next level!

E-commerce functions

E-commerce platforms offer a variety of features to facilitate online sales and create a seamless shopping experience for buyers. The following are the most important e-commerce features that every store owner needs to use the web store effectively and increase sales:

Payment methods

In order to gain the trust of customers, it is recommended to offer different payment options to customers so that they can choose the one that creates the most confidence in them or best suits their needs. There is a wide range of payment options: Credit card payment, PayPal, Klarna, purchase on account, bank transfers and more. Thus, you offer maximum convenience and security to your customers and facilitate their purchase decisions.

Mobile optimization

With more and more people shopping via mobile devices, an optimized mobile experience is essential. Modern stores need to be fully optimized for smartphones and tablets so that customers can easily shop on the go. This improves the user experience and increases conversion rates. Non-optimized web stores are abandoned immediately and customers go to your competitors!

Product reviews

Customer trust is critical, and product reviews play an important role in that. Allow your customers to rate products and leave comments. This builds trust and credibility for your store and makes it easier for customers to make the right buying decisions. It also reduces returns.

Product management

The e-commerce website solution must have user-friendly interface so that the store operators can manage product information, prices, inventories and variants effortlessly. Product management allows adding, editing and deleting products, setting prices, managing inventory and organizing products into categories. PIM software that enables product information management can also be helpful.


Usability is a core principle in e-commerce. Online stores should be intuitively understandable so that customers can find products quickly and order them without any problems. You have to make the checkout process as simple as possible, because it is in this step that most purchase cancellations happen. The user-friendliness of the website leads to better customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Customer management

Maintaining your customer relationships is very important in online commerce. The best e-commerce solution must have comprehensive customer management features so you can create customer profiles, view order histories, create and send personalized quotes, and answer customer questions efficiently. A CRM system can help you do this because it stores all customer data in one central location. By managing customers efficiently, you can build strong customer loyalty and increase your sales.

What e-commerce features do you need?

Do you want to improve your online shop, add new features or use modern online store solutions? Together we will bring your webshop to the new level and take care of your long-term e-commerce success.

Onlineshop Design

An appealing and user-friendly design is a must nowadays. Our experienced designers will create a custom layout that reflects your brand and provides the best shopping experience. We take into account the latest design trends, the needs of your target audience and the best practices in e-commerce design.

Online Store Hosting

We help you choose a right hosting provider to ensure the performance and availability of your online store. Our IT experts will check technical requirements of your online store and look for a reliable hosting that will meet the needs of your e-commerce solution. It should be secure, scalable and offer fast loading times.

E-commerce strategy

We develop a clear strategy for your web store: our team works closely with you, we take into account your goals, target audience, competitive landscape and budget to create an effective plan for your business. During online store consulting, we make suggestions for improvement and ensure full transparency in our work.

E-commerce consulting

Our e-commerce consulting services provide you with comprehensive support throughout the process. We help you choose the right technologies, develop or customize professional e-commerce solutions, optimize your sales strategy and overcome e-commerce challenges. Our support team is always ready to answer your questions and solve problems.


These are systems that enable companies to sell products or services online (online store platforms, payment methods, marketing tools).
An e-commerce agency is needed to help plan, develop and manage an online store.

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