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Does the same problem keep cropping up in front of you? Is something going wrong in your company? As a true professional for SAP software development and your reliable partner, Kenner Soft offers fast and uncomplicated software solutions.

They have various functions and focus on several business areas. This is how we help you to support and optimise your business processes.


Solutions for customised requirements in SAP S/4HANA

Are you looking for ways to increase your company's efficiency? Our SAP developers will take care of it. They create suitable solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of your business. They offer your business the flexibility and help you achieve a competitive advantage.

By integrating SAP systems with other business applications, you can improve decision-making and data accuracy by seamlessly exchanging data between different systems. With their help, you can digitally transform and advance your organisation.

Our experienced team specialises in SAP software development and is always at your side. They provide you with expert advice and develop and integrate the applications. This makes it possible to automate repetitive and manual tasks and reduce human error. This also saves time and operating costs.

SAP development services: full package for successful digitalisation

Does your company lack efficient end-to-end processes that are tailored to the specific area and fulfil the requirements of customers, partners and markets? They can easily be implemented in a cloud ERP. This results in flexible scaling, low maintenance and the highest security standards.

Kenner Soft offers special products for modernising the company, optimising marketing and business processes and improving work with suppliers. They are specially customised to the company's requirements and provide support for operational processes, ensuring the entire flow of information within the company.

For smooth operation, we offer the software engineering that simplifies the implementation process of SAP systems and is responsible for maintenance and monitoring. We offer cloud-based solutions so that you have access to all company data from anywhere. They are used to cover and control daily processes. In addition, we provide special tools for strengthening relationships between the company and its customers and for carrying out real-time analyses.

With Kenner Soft, you benefit from a wide range of SAP solutions on offer, taking your business to the next level!

How can customised solutions be implemented in SAP?

Customised solutions can be implemented in SAP in different ways. The specific requirements and available resources should be taken into account. Specialised know-how is required for correct implementation. This involves specific technologies and programming languages. As experts in SAP consulting, we are happy to assist you.

SAP products are so-called standard software that guarantees standardised implementation in every company. The software is modified through SAP customising and can be adapted to meet individual company requirements.

As there are more and more tried and tested applications nowadays, you do not have to worry about developing your own software solutions. We take on this task for you. There are several flexible options for extending the system, which are used to integrate additional functions and processes into SAP S/4HANA.

Process of SAP development projects at Kenner Soft

Initiation phase

The project objectives and scope are determined. A project plan is drawn up.

Analysing the requirements

Business processes, data and user requirements are defined.

Design development

We create the design and design the appearance of the SAP application. Easy navigation is made possible by a single-column layout.


Our experts develop SAP programmes and interfaces. If necessary, we can migrate data from existing systems to the system.

Test phase

We test SAP components and programmes to ensure that everything works properly. Modifications and customisations can be carried out on request.


Our team implements the desired SAP solutions.


We train your company's employees to manage and use the SAP application correctly.


If there are any errors, we fix them quickly. We also offer extensions.

Kenner Soft Service GmbH - the best partner for SAP development

Our agency is a true expert in all matters relating to development. We develop the products and thus offer the opportunity for digital transformation. This is how we help your company grow. In close cooperation with us, your company will experience the greatest success. You can enjoy many benefits:

Competent specialists

Our team consists of qualified and certified SAP software developers.

Great prospects

Thanks to our expertise, we offer a wide range of solutions that significantly expand the possibilities of your company.

Realising profits

SAP Customer Experience improves business results.

Process simplification

We enable fast data analysis and processing in real time with SAP S/4HANA.

Simple project management

We guarantee the smooth running of projects thanks to SAP Solution Manager.

Rapid scalability

Our team also specialises in cloud-based SAP products that can be used to scale your company.

Frequently asked questions

This software ensures data exchange throughout the company and is used to control and monitor all interconnected business areas.
SAP is recommended for companies and organisations of different sizes and in different industries to help them operate profitably.

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