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Kenner Soft Services GmbH is offering innovative ways of IT Outsourcing - Dedicated team business model specifically adopted and tailor-made for the Ecommerce projects.

At the heart of technology used for Ecommerce is PHP language of programming. With a wealth of experience in PHP, our team can support design and development of web-shops of any level of complexity. Development of the E-Commerce projects made easy and stress-free.


Our technologies

We successfully create and launch eCommerce projects, web services, b2b portals and marketplaces. The list of tools employed in project development includes the following programming languages ​​and frameworks:

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Why to choose Kenner Soft as your partner

  1. Trust of our Customers.

    We cherish relationships and business of our Clients: there are currently 9 Dedicated development teams active, with the average customer staying with us for over 5 years, for project support and updated, even long after the main development is finished.

  2. German based GmbH.

    Peace of mind with German based GmbH - legal entity located in one of the most strictly regulated and trusted European country. We comply with the strict German Laws and offer the highest level of service and quality expected from German company.

  3. Very competitive cost.

    Our team of PHP developers is located in Ukraine, which, while considered low-cost country, offer highly educated, creative and agile IT professionals.

  4. language - German and English.

    We speak your language - German and English are commonly spoken by our Project Managers, making communication smooth and easy. All PMs are very experienced and trained to insure perfect connection between Client and dedicated team.

  5. Time zone.

    Dedicated team outsourcing means providing services in convenient to Client time zone. With the team located in Ukraine, our PHP developers are never more than 2 hours away from any Client’s location.

  6. Automated Development and Code delivery processes.

    Kenner Soft is truly committed to Automated Processes and Quality of the code: all steps from the moment of task definition until the delivery to the live server goes via strict quality control and automated workflow.

Design your Dedicated Team

As a company focused on Ecommerce development, at Kenner Soft we understand that various Ecommerce projects have to achieve different business goals, meet the budget, launch on schedules. For Shopware, Oxid, Magento, JTL, Kenner PIM, xt:Commerce we are able to suggest best team arrangement and assemble team to best meet those needs. Unlike other companies, we also understand that competitive cost is important, therefore practice sharing resources when some positions are not required full time.


Team Leader

Distribute tasks, monitors workflow and deadline compliance;

Responsible for the quality of the software code and for the software delivery time;

Code review and release management.


Front End Developer

Responsible for visual compliance of the web shop according to the web design;

Ensuring the high-level UX / UI for end-user.


Back End Developer

Develops business logic and program code for modules and plugins in PHP or JavaScript.


Project Manager

Communication link between customer and the team;

Control tasks priorities and execution in compliance with customer’s requirements

Assures that work of developers is uninterrupted, collects necessary feedback to communicate with customer



Responsible for the server infrastructure, as well as for its monitoring.

Ensures the reliability of servers and backups, controls metrics of the speed of the main web pages of the online store.


Software Architect

Developing the architecture of software for projects with difficult scope, defines the basic components and methods of interaction between them.



Quality control of the software releases, checking usability and functions of the shop, proper functionality on various devices;

Software Bug funding and reporting

When Quality is crucial -
Kenner Soft is a right partner!

  • Dedicated team running, #32 # members more than # 200000 # working hours
  • Senior Developers with # 7+# years experience # 80% # Master Degree # 2% # PHD
  • Fully automated process for code delivery to live, stage and testing environments
  • Double code reviews, including automatic test of quality of code.
  • Full automatic workflow for high speed release delivery.
  • Quality review of the results of upload, stress test for any code update

When Legal protection is imperative -
Kenner Soft is a right partner!

  • Development and business relationships are regulated by the Contract.
  • Intellectual rights as a result of Development belongs to the Client
  • Strict Non-disclosure agreements assure no leaks of sensitive information to competition
  • Full compliance with GDPR norms

When clear communication is a priority -
Kenner Soft is a right partner!

  • Dedicated Business Analyst to take care of Outsourcing project
  • Service provided in the same Language: German and English are commonly used.

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