PIM for E-Commerce

Product information management system is an integral part of modern multichannel sales.

We support you in implementing proven PIM software in your company.

With this business application, you can manage digital product information and data consistently across all your online retail platforms.


PIM for E-Commerce: Expert Advice and Implementation

PIM system are an important building block for successful e-commerce sales. As an established agency for online retailers, we help you to use this business application. We install open source PIM software solutions and, if required, create interfaces from this tool to your other business software. We ensure that your new product information management system verifies product data centrally in one place.

Together, we define rules for how this application will collect product information. The tool can customise the product information for each of your sales channels. The application can also deliver product descriptions in multiple languages. We work with agile methods when implementing the tool for our corporate customers.

Our range of services for your product information

We rely on the user-friendly Product Information Management system, as it has already proven itself many times over. We integrate the right version of this open source PIM for e-commerce solution for your company into your existing IT infrastructure. If required, we can also develop interfaces to this tool.

PIM systems for all sales channels

As an experienced e-commerce web agency, we know how important it is to select the right data using this tool. PIM systems collect and refine product data for multichannel and omnichannel sales. The centrally recorded data on your product range is processed by this business application in such a way that it creates interesting added value for your customers.

Higher data quality through e-commerce PIM software

This software solution harmonises and verifies the data on the items offered in your online shop. This tool helps to eliminate errors from manual data entry and to harmonise all product details according to your specified rules. This business application is a useful basis for cross-channel, multilingual and high-quality product information.

Connection to your company IT

In order to optimise the use of PIM systems, they must be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure in a sensible way. Our preferred product information management system can be reliably connected to all common online shop systems. Kenner Soft is your partner for customising this application to your needs.

Project realisation with agile methods

When we implement PIM systems, we work closely with our corporate customers. Instead of inflexible plans, we use agile methods to realise your project to your complete satisfaction. This means that we proceed in a transparent and solution-orientated manner, for example by working with tests and feedback loops at intervals.

Flexible and affordable tool

If you want to automate the management of your product information, we recommend the open source PIM programme. This tool can be customised to the specific requirements of your online retail business. Thanks to the open source software, we can develop customised extensions for you. If required, we can search Pimtool's large developer community for suitable add-ons for your application.

How your company benefits from a PIM for E-Commerce

PIM systems manage all product-related data in one central location. Descriptions, specifications, images, prices and other information about your products are therefore optimally organised. In addition to data consistency, this application also improves data accuracy across different channels and touchpoints. Your employees can also access the product data easily and from different end devices.

The efficient enrichment and updating of data records is easily possible in this tool for various marketing and sales channels. E-commerce PIM implemented by us also facilitates the integration of product data into online marketplaces, ERP systems and ecommerce platforms. Last but not least, this business application ensures version control of data records and improves the user experience by providing standardised and accurate product information.

The functions of open source PIM systems

Data management

At the heart of every e-commerce PIM software is the definition of a data model. Pimtool keeps this as flexible as possible so that even very complex product data can be optimally structured and organised. It offers an easy-to-use, web-based user interface for data management. Even millions of products can be conveniently managed via this tool.

Control of data quality

PIM solution has numerous options for improving and controlling data quality, including configurable dashboards, content versioning and live data reports. Recommended PIM systems also create both business workflows and editorial approval loops within a few minutes. In a dedicated workflow engine in this software, you can easily keep an eye on such processes.

Integrate digital asset management module

You can enrich your products with videos, images or suitable documents even more easily in this application if you integrate the digital asset management module into your Pimtool version. If you want to rely on modern PIM systems, sophisticated functions for omnichannel publishing are a must. In this tool, they easily generate the correct product information for all your output channels, creating a seamless, standardised brand experience.

Import and export of data

Kenner Soft is happy to help you integrate your apps and data into PIM systems. This software can be easily integrated into existing company IT landscapes. The system impresses with simple interfaces for importing and exporting data between external applications and PIM software.

Master Data Management

PIM software also excels in the area of master data management. You can manage all your company data in one system if required. This can include customer data or employee information, for example, but also supplier data.

PIM systems: advantages for your company

If you want to manage, organise and synchronise product information centrally, the use of PIM tools is essential. Then you have an overview of all e-commerce projects and other business processes. In contrast to other PIM systems and satisfactory alternatives, KennerPIM offers a large number of advantages:

  • The search for product information becomes faster.
  • The PIM tool enables a high level of data consistency at the same time.
  • The customer experience is improved.
  • Costs and human errors are reduced.
  • Time management and automated business processes are guaranteed.
  • Open source ERP software tools.
  • Get accurate information and effective performance without delay.
  • Effective inventory management (data enrichment, changes, orders and much more).
  • You have an overview of product information and sales data.
  • Conversion rates are increased and e-commerce results are improved.

KennerPIM presents itself as a system with APL-certified architecture and helpful PIM options. So you can enjoy modern digital features that are not offered by other alternative service providers such as PIM software and Informatica. Kenner Soft's tool processes and classifies the data. This enables you to manage customer service and increase sales. This guarantees an increase in your company's efficiency.

Agency for PIM software

Are you looking for suitable PIM software? We can help you integrate the PIM programme into your e-commerce infrastructure. As a solution-orientated agency for online retail, we know how this software solution can be the ideal basis for comprehensive e-commerce projects. We implement the necessary interfaces for PIM software solutions and support the embedding of product data and assets.


With a PIM system, you can conveniently manage product data across all sales channels.
How expensive a PIM is depends on the software version you choose - we will be happy to advise you.

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