E-Commerce Website Product Configurator

If you want to guarantee your buyers a special service, you can do this with the help of a product configurator. With the configurator, you can customise the items to suit individual needs and wishes.

With the ecommerce product configurator for your own online shop, you can create an outstanding customer experience. You can choose from several functions and create the product you need with just a few clicks. You design the right item from many possible variants: customised and tailor-made.

This benefits both the customer and you as a supplier. The first ones get the goods they need and you increase your sales. Don't lose this opportunity and guarantee a smooth, pleasant shopping experience! Then you can significantly improve product sales.


Online shop product configurator - alternative solution for e-commerce

If you create and integrate an online configurator, you can find the product you want with just a few clicks. You select individual components and the configurator does everything else for you. The product configurator for online shops allows you to create complex configured products without technical knowledge about the compatibility of individual components of the future goods. You can be sure that the end product will fulfil its functions. There will also be no problems with the return of goods due to an error in the order.

This configurator is suitable in cases when the preparation of commercial offers is carried out by qualified engineers. Our solution allows to transfer the expertise into the system. Then the buyers can order the goods via simple and convenient interface.

Based on the technical specifications of each individual product, the configurator determines which combination may be compatible based on the attributes of each product. To ensure a high-quality description of the products, KennerPIM is used with the description quality control module. It solves the problem of product description quality:

  • Completeness of the mandatory attributes;
  • Duplication of product names;
  • Duplication of EAN and SKU products;
  • No product category;
  • No prices;
  • Recognition of products with low image quality;
  • Combination of data from different sources.

The compatibility of the selected elements is checked using semantic technologies and artificial intelligence. The information is stored in NEO4J. The relationships and rules with which the system works are determined there. The system provides an interface where engineers can define the general knowledge of product configuration rules, regardless of their complexity.

With the Kenner Soft product configurator, you can assemble any, even technically complex items on your own, without any help.

The online shop with product configurator provides smart personalisation. This helps you get to know your customers better and makes your work more efficient.

Types of product configurators for different industries

By selling customised products, it is possible to secure competitive advantages. Let's take a closer look at the areas of application of the configurator:


You can configure many medical devices (ultrasound machine, electrocardiograph). You select a specific model and the system automatically offers compatible special modules, sensors, additional tools for 2D or 3D examination. If the doctor needs a specific tool, the system selects compatible equipment and calculates the cost.

Electrical engineering

The configurator is used to compile electrical engineering (motor, current converter, controller set). The shaft type, torque, communication connections and corresponding cables are selected. When configuring the synchronous motor, select the inverter system, motor data, mechanical data and motor details.

Cable configuration

When configuring the cable, select the cable type (USB, power cable, Ethernet) and technical specifications (connector type, type of insulation). You should also specify the cable length and number of poles. Finally, adjust the colour and calculate the price.

Lift configurator

The lift configurator is used to select the load capacity, speed, cabin, shaft and cabin doors. The system generates all technical specifications and prices. In just a few minutes, you can clearly visualise a few variants of the lift.

Configurator for tractors

The tractor configurator is used to determine the engine power, tyres, transmission, number of cylinders, cubic capacity, emission level, maximum lifting force, maximum torque, permissible total weight and other additional equipment. The system guarantees the compatibility of the selected components.

Configuring cars

When configuring cars, you should first select the vehicle type. The engine, wheels, chassis, seats and upholstery as well as safety packages and navigation are then customised. Only with the configurator can you get a car that meets your wishes and expectations.

Configure agricultural and FPV drones

A variety of agricultural and FPV drones, consisting of different motors, cameras, distance sensors, flight and motor controllers, can also be configured. The package can also include optional compatible accessories (remote control, type of propellers, video transmission system, charger, etc.).

Configure production lines

You can also configure the production lines. First select the model and specify the production capacity. Various modules and components are added or removed. The parameters relevant for production should also be adjusted. If desired, automated technologies can be integrated.

Special features of the product configurator

The configurator makes it possible to customise product specifications and options according to individual requirements. Well-known companies (Siemens, Philips, Tesla) use website product configurators. The solution we offer utilises graph technologies and artificial intelligence. This allows you to create compatible product configurations extremely quickly (in less than 1 second). Our configurator is a tool that can configure a product from other goods. Its goal is to provide the compatible product set that satisfies the compatibility requirements and minimum working configuration. It is characterised by the following features:

Configuration with restrictions

Possible combinations of configuration options are limited by satisfying technical, logistical and business purposes.

Multiple modifications for configuration

It is possible to configure complex products in different ways. The procurement process is simpler because the design is multi-stage.

Configuration-related prices

The prices are updated in the shop depending on the configuration. You can see immediately what influences the total price. You can then select the most suitable configuration.

Real-time synchronisation

All changes are synchronised in real time. The webshop product configurator visualises these changes. This tool gives your customers ability to see the latest information. The user experience is improved.

Customised quotation creation

The configurator is only used to create and send pricing and personalised customer quotations. A number of products meet minimum requirements to fulfil the tasks set. This shows that the configurator automatically determines the problems if the important component required for the functioning of the device has not been selected.

Complete range of functions

The scope of functions can change depending on the requirements of the area. The logic for product configuration is fully mapped in the online shop.

Our services

Creation of product configurators for website of any complexity

The specialists of our webshop agency create a product configurator regardless of the type and number of variants: from simple T-shirt configurators to configurators of modular constructions.

Integration with the PIM system

Simplify the management of your product data with numerous variants in a PIM system and benefit from flawless collaboration between the website product configurator and PIM software.

Creation of a 3D configurator

An interactive tool based on live 3D models that allows customers to personalise products and observe and change adjustments in real time.

Utilizing AI technologies and machine learning

Our e-commerce web agency uses innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide you with the best possible results.

Creation of the product configurator for website with automatic price calculation

With Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software, prices for complex and configurable products can be calculated quickly and easily!

KennerPIM as a powerful tool for product information management and configuration


KennerPIM helps you to store and effectively manage product information.

This system combines a classic PIM and an e-commerce product configurator based on a knowledge database.

KennerPIM with the CPQ function makes it possible to create configurations of complex products that are specified on the basis of other products. This allows you to create three product types:

  • Which are offered for sale as ready-made solutions without any modification options on the part of the end user
  • Configurations created by the manager that enable partial replacement of components in a complex product
  • Complex products that allow the user to enter any combination and create absolutely compatible combinations that can be selected extremely quickly.

In contrast to other systems, KennerPIM has the following advantages:

  • The module for integration in Mobile Add
  • A website for end users with full adaptation for mobile devices and with the possibility of personalisation
  • Use of artificial intelligence technologies for configuration design
  • Attribute quality control system
  • An integrated PIM system with a flexible data model
  • Extremely high search speed for compatible components
  • Full integration with e-commerce solutions based on Shopware 6 makes it possible to generate orders
  • Integration with any third-party platform is also possible

Advantages of our approach:

  • Generate all available product configurations immediately after uploading new products or attribute changes
  • Very fast search for component compatibility
  • Work with a large number of attributes and products (tested with 10^8 available configurations)
  • We use attribute matching as the basis of product compatibility
  • Price creator for configurable products
  • Product description generator
  • Support of multilingual attributes for configuration
  • Very fast integration based on ETL technology

The advantages of the product configurator at a glance

The configurator is available in two modules: as a module for KennerPIM and as a module for the online shop. The solution has already been tested for Shopware 6, but can be integrated into any ecommerce platform (e.g. Adobe Commerce, OXID, JTL-Shop, WooCommerce, Shopify). If you use the online shop product configurator, you will notice successful changes to your business. You utilise the power of the ecommerce product configurator and are able to solve today's biggest challenges. Then you benefit through:

Simplification of the ordering process

If you create an online configurator and have it integrated into your shop, the product configuration takes place directly there. No customer service is required for processing.

Flexible sales

You serve customers in a special way. You create customised offers and strengthen business relationships.

Increase in sales

Because you offer personalised products, you sell more. Demand is high.

Cost reduction

The configurator reduces the cost of returning goods and the time required to clarify the configuration of the end product with the customer.

B2B sales

You are also successful in B2B sales. In B2B, individual products often need to be integrated into much more complex systems - and this is easy to achieve with a configurator.

Reduction of product defects

You avoid product errors. A web product configurator can offer an automated feasibility check to rule out product errors, as it is easy to get lost in the countless possible combinations.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the complexity, the visualisation and the coverage area, prices vary between 10,000 and 100,000 euros. The price depends on the complexity of the development of the knowledge base for the configurator. Our engineers will help you transfer knowledge to this system and integrate it into the company's current IT infrastructure. Our experience shows that the online shop product configurator can pay for itself after just one month of use. This can relieve the workload of several engineers.
Yes, the configurator has an interface for defining general compatibility rules, which are later converted into a knowledge database.
Yes, the configurator supports a wide range of product types. Users can configure electrical control panels and solar systems separately and independently of each other.
This tool is used to create articles from individual elements and properties according to specific rules. Different compatibility restrictions are taken into account and the minimum permissible configuration is monitored. If there is an incompatible component, the system explains the reason in detail and provides recommendations for solving the problem.
It can be used to configure cars, bicycles, mobile phones, computers, laptops, lamps and much more. This is an ideal option if the end product is made up of several individual products. However, it is not suitable if your goods are only customised with the help of certain labels. In this case, you should look at other solutions that we offer for these tasks.
Yes, the configurator has a module in the form of a widget that can be integrated into any webshop.
The configurator is supplied as part of PIM, called KennerPIM. If you do not have a PIM in your company, the configurator automatically makes it available. If PIM is already in use, the configurator does not conflict with the current PIM. Integration with ERP is also possible.