Development of an online store on Oxid eSales

OXID eShop Community Edition is a reliable and flexible open-source eCommerce system. This is a solution with a wide range of features and capabilities for online trading. Thousands of online stores around the world were built and currently working based of this technology.

Features of the OXID eShop system:

Thanks to its modular and modern architecture, it can be modified, expanded and customized to meet individual requirements with maximum ease.

  • Fast and easy installation and setup
  • Low launch and support costs
  • Suitable for building an online shop for almost any kind of goods and services
  • Modularity, flexibility and scalability of the structure
  • High reliability and speed
  • High Load Ability
  • One of the most popular systems in Germany

There are three editions of the system:

Oxid-1OXID eShop Community Edition (CE) free version 
 has the following advantages:

  • Integrated Content Management System (CMS)
  • Fast project implementation, short time to market
  • Search engine optimization, automatic generation of semantic micro-markup for pages
  • Support for modularity at the level of inheritance and configuration
  • Great marketing features
  • Mobile version
  • Generation of product variants and options, various built-in attributes to describe products.
  • User groups, flexible price and discount management.
  • Over 100 system settings.

oxid2OXID eShop Professional Edition (PE) main advantages over OXID eShop CE:

  • Easy connection to third-party systems 
(ERP, PIM, CMS, etc.)
  • Scalability
  • High performance, high level of security
  • Visual CMS for building pages

oxid3OXID eShop Enterprise Edition (EE)

  • Professional support
  • B2B customer support
  • Multishop
  • Rights and roles of administrators and managers
  • Even more caching options for maximum performance

What says statistics?

OXID eShop is leading the way and have no competition when choosing a platform for small and medium-sized online stores in Germany.

Larger online-trading platforms and online-stores also occasionally choose Oxid eShop, however,

the majority prefer Shopware and Magento.

Is it worth to create a store based on OXID eShop?

Below some advantages of the platform:

  • Reliability and non-failure operation. The websites on OXID eShop work like clock-work.
  • Free to use regardless of revenue or the quantity of the goods sold.
  • Developed infrastructure. Thousands of plugins have been created for OXID eShop.
  • Wide functionality. OXID eShop provides all the necessary basic features that an online store needs.

Thanks to all of the above advantages, it is possible to get an online store up and running on average in one to three months.

Our services:

  • development of modules and support for stores of any complexity
  • fast and flexible reaction to any further requests

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