SAP Consulting Services

Do you want to make your company more successful? Then you can't do without SAP software solutions. They are used for all business processes to increase their efficiency and productivity.

As a qualified and experienced SAP consultant, we can help you use and maintain these software solutions.


Comprehensive consulting services from the experts

If you are looking for a qualified partner who specialises in SAP consulting and IT solutions, you have come to the right place. We support your company in the implementation of SAP solutions. They are customised to your specific business processes. We also take on the optimisation of existing systems and are responsible for training your employees.

Our SAP consulting company helps you to digitalise your work processes and use innovative technologies so that you can gain a competitive edge. The qualified team of specialists supports companies of all sizes at all levels by taking their requirements into account. We guarantee the quality and excellence of our consulting services and can increase the efficiency of your SAP systems.

The best services in the SAP consulting industry

As your reliable partner for SAP development, we provide a wide range of services to make companies more competitive. Our qualified team will advise you on all aspects of your IT project. Thanks to the introduction of SAP and our specialist consulting expertise, medium-sized companies are able to realise greater profit opportunities. They gain better control over resources and can thus reduce company costs. We ensure that our customers maintain and increase their market share.

Financial controlling

For an efficient company, it is necessary to define business goals in advance. These can be achieved through precise planning, regular correction and evaluation. The use of innovative digital technologies simplifies the management and control of financial and business processes:

  • Automation and optimisation of finance through the implementation of SAP software.
  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud improves data visualisation and makes it easier to perform analysis, planning and budgeting for finance.
  • S/4HANA immediately delivers the latest key figures and automates the business process.
  • Full guarantee of data protection and privacy.

Global supply chain management

This is an important point in the operational process of companies operating on the international market. Thanks to qualified SAP IT consulting, they can increase transparency and efficiency in the supply chain and overcome the challenges of global procurement and distribution. Key services associated with SAP consulting and supply chain management include Implementation of SAP software solutions to improve planning and execution of deliveries. Detailed analysis and optimisation of supply chain processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve delivery times. Implementing tools to manage and evaluate suppliers and identify potential risks in the supply chain.

Business intelligence and analytics

Requirements analyses should be carried out so that the company can better understand all business processes and utilise the data effectively. The weak points should also be identified. As an experienced and qualified SAP consultant, our company provides a range of services:

  • Thorough and fast analysis of a large amount of data is carried out with the help of SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • The design of management dashboards and reporting solutions provides the data and key performance indicators.
  • Integration and data exchange between SAP Business One and other business applications (CRM systems, e-commerce platforms).
  • Thanks to Magento programming, interfaces are developed to ensure data exchange for orders, customer information and payments.

Innovative technologies

In order to guarantee a smooth operational process, newly developed technologies must be constantly utilised. Our team not only offers extensive, specialised consulting for companies, but also several applications that make many processes efficient. By using ERP software, processes are managed correctly and performance is improved. We guarantee:

  • Holistic support in setting up stable processes and migrating to cloud-based platforms.
  • Effective data analysis, detailed planning, automated accounting and plant maintenance.
  • Timely identification of various problems and their elimination.

Customer experience

As there are many service providers nowadays, everyone takes care of their customers, because business success depends on it. As one of the leading international SAP consulting companies, we offer our customers comprehensible user interfaces and processes and endeavour to take their customised requirements and wishes into account. The following software solutions are responsible for this:

  • SAP Solution Manager.
  • SAP S4/HANA.
  • SAP S4/HANA Cloud.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • SAP Business One Integration.

Project management with SAP

The future-proof SAP solutions for project management cover all phases by being fully integrated with the customer's ERP system. This provides an overview of human and financial resources. We realise projects of all sizes by planning, analysing, executing and controlling them.

Your reliable SAP consulting partner

Our company has been providing high-quality IT services for years. We help our customers to achieve their desired goals. Our team offers efficient business consulting, familiarises itself with your project, analyses and optimises the business process. We implement and configure modern SAP software solutions and customise them to your requirements. We also guarantee efficient project management, continuous maintenance and first-class customer support. Security and data protection are of particular importance to us.

Our employees have in-depth knowledge of SAP products and are experts in online shop programming. In order to meet all customer requirements, we keep up to date with various developments and innovations in the SAP area and regularly undergo further training. This is why we are constantly able to guarantee the best SAP consulting service.

Why is it worth choosing Kenner Soft?

Several companies offer a wide range of services. Kenner Soft is one of the leading IT consultancies and is characterised by the following features:

Experience and industry expertise

You can always rely on us because our team is well-versed, has in-depth expertise and many years of experience in the IT sector.

Innovative capability

We integrate innovative technologies and solutions to ensure the success of your SAP projects. Then your systems are future-proof.

Positive customer reference

Familiarise yourself with the customer reviews and you will no longer hesitate when making your choice.

Communication and co-operation

A good understanding between the customer and the service provider is crucial for success. Our company is customer-orientated and can complete good quality projects in a short space of time.


SAP consultants support companies in the implementation and maintenance of SAP software. They take over the implementation, optimisation and application of SAP.
SAP Consulting comprises services and advice from experts on SAP products.
A detailed project analysis is carried out, a strategy is developed together with the customer and then implemented. SAP software makes work processes more efficient. The number of manual tasks is reduced and decision-making processes are accelerated.

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