Fully Managed Shopware Hosting

The success and security of an online shop depend on choosing the right hosting provider for Shopware. So that you can scale your resources, we provide you with the most popular e-commerce platforms, including the German platform Shopware.

Then you can forget about long loading times and the goods you offer will be available around the clock.


Shopware hosting for a successful start in e-commerce

The quality of hosting services provided by different providers can be assessed based on customer references. Kenner Soft is characterised by reliability and in-depth expertise. The online shop agency enables a smooth migration to Shopware from other shop systems. We have been supporting our customers in the creation and further development of Shopware online shops for more than 10 years, offer ongoing maintenance and are always available for qualified Shopware advice.

Hosting for Shopware has a positive effect on the success of the e-commerce shop by guaranteeing reliability and a high level of data protection. As an experienced Shopware cloud hosting provider, we back up all data so that it can be restored in the event of unexpected loss.

Hosting for Shopware ensures mega-fast response times

In order to guarantee fast loading times for visitors from different parts of the world, servers are provided by Shopware cloud hosting providers in different locations. Our Shopware agency invests in high-performance servers and network infrastructure. This means that requests can be processed quickly. To make your website more secure and improve performance, we optimise the servers for existing Shopware.

Our agency is a reliable partner for Shopware 6 hosting and offers a range of diverse solutions. Our team of experts specialises in setting up new Shopware 6 shops, migrating from Shopware 5 hosting to modern shop software and integrating payment systems, shipping options and third-party systems (PIM, ERP, CRM).

Why choose Shopware hosting from Kenner Soft?

Don't know which is the best Shopware cloud hosting in Germany? You can turn to our company without delay, because our team has great expertise in the field of e-commerce. It implements and optimises Shopware, adapts the functions and design. We guarantee the smooth functioning of e-commerce solutions and offer comprehensive and competent technical support so that you can use the Shopware platform effectively. So that you can enjoy the advanced benefits of digitalisation, we optimise the performance of your online store, ensure a smooth user experience and protect existing customer data. With the proven Shopware hoster, you also benefit from the use of the latest technologies:

Monitoring of digital administration processes

GitLab can be used to plan, coordinate, test, deploy and monitor a wide range of software and web projects. Anyone who wants to be involved can write and manage the code securely. The workflow is not interrupted. Errors are identified and rectified during the development phase. By using Zabbix, the most important components in the network are immediately recognisable. In any case, Zabbix is responsible for checking the systems by quickly eliminating the causes of IT problems. OpenSearch improves website searches and is used for log analyses and application monitoring.

Database management with Redis and MySQL

Redis guarantees faster response times for read and write operations because the data is not stored on hard disks and solid-state drives. The server is used as storage space. With MySQL, you can manage a large number of other databases by allowing clients to send different queries at the same time.


We offer a range of cashing options for your online shop. With the powerful HTTP reverse proxy cache Varnish, loading times are significantly reduced because Varnish stores the pages that are frequently accessed in the cache. This means that the user's next request is sent back from the cache. A significant acceleration of PHP applications is achieved with the help of PHP-FPM. This improves the ranking in several search engines.

CI/CD and K6 for e-commerce projects

By using CI/CD, the website can be adapted to changing market and user trends. They make your website stable and trouble-free. With K6 you can measure the performance of your web applications, monitor them and also optimise them. This allows you to recognise problems at an early stage and improve quality and professional experience.

Connection with other merchandise management systems

Shopware can be harmonised with other merchandise management systems to ensure smooth and efficient e-commerce operations. Contract procedures, accounting and other processes are then automated. You will soon notice how your e-commerce business grows.

Fast order processing with RabbitMQ

This open source messaging software optimises many tasks in the e-commerce environment. It helps you to process orders, manage inventory and communication between systems. RabbitMQ can inform about product changes and updates as well as notify customers about order status changes or special offers.


In contrast to classic hosting, Shopware 6 hosting has specific requirements and functions. Shopware 6 offers scalability, sufficient storage space and a powerful database for processing product information, orders and user data.
Yes, you get access. You can manage the files using special management tools.

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