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Shopware is the leading e-commerce platform in Germany, which is making great strides on the world market. This is one of the best PHP based eCommerce solutions with many unbeatable advantages.

The advantages of Shopware

Shopware agency

Shopware is an innovative and reliable solution that helps to make your business more successful. We work with the most popular e-commerce platforms and recommend Shopware as one of the best options available.

Reduced development and support costsThe platform reduces the costs for further development and maintenance. Even Magento customers are migrating to this platform. The main reason is that Shopware is easier and cheaper to use. Read about more reasons for migrating to Shopware here.
High code quality standards The standards are defined by the rigid architecture of the Shopware code, so that the Shopware development projects are checked for code quality. Among developers, this means: "It's hard to have poor quality development with Shopware."
Scalability There are no restrictions in terms of storage space, processes, performance and functionality: the platform grows with your company and is ready for any load.
Shopping worldsWith the help of preset templates, you can display any product information in the desired form without any special programming knowledge: Article sliders, YouTube videos, banners or manufacturer sliders. It is also possible to create individual templates. The shopping worlds can be expanded using the necessary plugins.
Voucher systemVarious voucher types can be used to create universal and individual vouchers. Design successful promotions to attract new customers and retain existing buyers. 
Open architecture (open source) There is no vendor lock-in (no restriction to one exclusive service provider) and the software allows change of contractors or moving over the solution to an in-house technical department. 100% test coverage of the core and most modules on the market. Simplifying the seamless integration process with all ERP systems.
Global Ecosystem There are more than 1,000 extensions (applications) including WCM/DXP, PIM, CPQ, Overviews and Assessments, Marketing Center and Analytics. We have listed the most popular Shopware plugins for the latest version 6 in this article. Find the plugins we have created here.
Clearly laid outAdminpanel Shopware offers an intuitively understandable admin area with PluginManager, which is easy to use. The Shopware admin panel is clearly structured and very user-friendly.

Shopware - when quality comes first

Shopware AG attaches great importance to the technical knowledge of Shopware developers and offers certifications to confirm relevant skills. There are currently 8 types of certification, which are a major plus for both freelancers and Shopware partners.

Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer

Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer

Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Template Designer

Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Template Designer

Shopware 6 Certified Developer

Shopware 6 Certified Developer

Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Developer

Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Developer

Shopware 5 Certified Template Designer

Shopware 5 Certified Template Designer

Shopware 5 Certified Template Developer

Shopware 5 Certified Template Developer

Who should use Shopware?

Shopware is very suitable for B2C companies, but the platform is also powerful enough for those who conduct B2B activities.

shopware agentur

Companies with a wide infrastructure

The system is designed for a large number of integrations.

High-performance projects

High-performance projects

There are no restrictions in terms of load and performance.

Omnichannel solutions

Omnichannel solutions

The central administration of all websites is one of the main advantages of Shopware.

B2B portals

B2B portals

Numerous options for managing custom settings for the customer account

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Our services

services_agency Performance optimization

We optimize websites according to Google Page Speed. Because the faster the website, the higher the rankings and the better the customer experience.

services_agency Creation of plugins

In order to expand the functionality of the Shopware online shop, we offer the creation of individual plugins that meet your specific requirements and needs.

services_agency Integration of ERP systems

The integration of ERP software makes it possible to support all business areas within a company so that all processes run efficiently and without mistakes.

services_agency Support of ongoing projects

We offer continuous support and further development for Shopware projects that have already been implemented.

services_agency Creation of complex product configurators

Online configurator can be used to design complex, individual products according to user needs and desires. A product configurator increases customer satisfaction and company sales significantly.

services_agency Creation of complex B2B solutions

With Shopware, flexible solutions for complex and individual B2B requirements and business models can be implemented.

services_agency Working with different Shopware versions and editions

We work with all Shopware editions (Community Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition) and the latest software versions (Shopware 5 and Shopware 6).

services_agency Server infrastructure support

We provide professional support for your server infrastructure and system management and work with common technologies (AWS, Linode, Hetzner and Microsoft Azure).

We offer high development quality and punctual project implementation

provide1Project Management

A personal project manager is assigned to each project. The Redmine ticket system and the history of changes and communication are always available to our customers. Requirements are divided into versions (releases), user stories and use cases. The motivation of the team is related to our customer satisfaction with the project. We also offer the option of a Dedicated Team

provide-2Code Quality Check

Each project is subjected to an internal quality audit. It includes the aspects of availability and control of documentation, discipline in organizing the code, quality of autotests (unit, integration, function), static analysis data and results of stress tests.

provide-3Transparent costs

In our business processes, the possibility of clocking is technologically excluded. Transparent budget control and flexible development methodology, where all processes are automated, help to save you money. If the project is complex, we can recommend a fixed development budget in the form of a Dedicated Team that allows to offer the most favorable contract terms.

Shopware 6 Agency for your success

Our agency for e-commerce specialises in the creation and optimisation of Shopware shops. We have specialist expertise and many years of experience in e-commerce. From the initial concept to the final implementation, we put a lot of emphasis on modern design, seamless user experience and technical excellence.

Whether you want to build a new Shopware 6 shop from scratch or optimise an existing Shopware platform, or migrate Shopware 5 to 6 or migrate from another shop software to Shopware 6 - we are here for you. We integrate payment systems, shipping options and third-party systems (ERP, CRM, PIM) and ensure the smooth functioning of your Shopware 6 e-commerce solution.

Shopware 6 is characterised by its modular structure. This means that you can expand the functional scope of your online shop entirely according to your needs (with the help of plugins and extensions). We will be happy to advise you on this and can take care of the creation of specific plugins as well as the product configurator.

With the growing mobile e-commerce trend, Shopware 6 is designed to provide a smooth user experience on mobile devices. The responsive design ensures that your shop looks and works well on different screen sizes. We test your shop presence on all devices and browsers to ensure that your online shop is always displayed correctly.

If you have business in different countries, Shopware 6 offers multilingual and international features to scale your shop globally. We help you set up multishops and add different currencies. This way you manage everything in one place and your customers have the best shopping experience.

Our Shopware 6 agency offers consulting and development services around Shopware and excels in creative solutions that make your brand stand out and delight customers.

The process of your Shopware project with us

How does a Shopware project work with us? As a rule, there are the following steps:

  1. Your enquiry with us. You tell us your ideas, requirements and goals for your online shop. Without obligation.
  2. Consultation. Your enquiry is followed by a comprehensive consultation. We discuss the details of your project, exchange ideas, ask questions and clarify all important aspects.
  3. Preparation of an offer. Based on the requirements discussed, we prepare an offer for your Shopware online shop. This includes all necessary services, costs and the time frame for the implementation of your project.
  4. Development. We create the technical infrastructure, integrate the desired functions and create the design according to your ideas.
  5. Testing and launch. Before the actual launch, we carry out extensive tests to check functionality, user experience, payment and shipping processes. If necessary, we implement adjustments or improvements. We ensure that your shop goes live properly.
  6. Post-implementation support. We provide ongoing Shopware support to keep your shop running smoothly. If you have any questions, technical problems or optimisations, we will be happy to help.

Our references for Shopware projects speak for themselves.

We have over 10 years of experience with Shopware and offer services related to the creation of Shopware online shops, continues development, support and Shopware consultations.

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Choosing the best Shopware agencies

This is a crucial step for the future of your e-commerce project. And for success. If you want to find a Shopware agency, you need to consider:

Experience and expertise

And KennerSoft has that. We have experienced team of Shopware experts: backend and frontend programmers, designers, QA testers and devops engineers.


Our portfolio includes many implemented Shopware projects of any complexity. It can give you an impression of our style, creativity and ability to implement.

Understanding your business

We take the time to understand your business model, your target group and your goals in order to develop the best solutions.

Communication and collaboration

Effective communication is crucial. We work closely with you and guarantee full transparency in our work. We are interested in a long-term partnership.

Project management

With a clear schedule, regular milestones and efficient coordination, we complete projects on time. Our expert shopware development agency turns your vision into reality - professionally and reliably.


A Shopware agency deals with the development and maintenance of online shops based on Shopware.
The cost of creating a Shopware shop depends on the goals, the edition, the design and additional functions. Therefore, the analysis of your business goals is important.
Shopware is a shop system with which you can create first-class online shops.
Shopware 6 is an open source e-commerce platform for creating online.
Shopware is suitable for small, medium and large as well as B2B companies.

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