Technologies: icon Technologies:

  • PHP, JavaScript
  • OXID eShop Enterprise
  • HTML 5, CSS
  • Docker
  • Git, Ansible
  • MySQL
  • Varnish

Service: icon Service:

  • Ongoing shop support and development
  • Set-up and support of the Varnish server
  • Numerous template adjustments
  • Optimisation of the mobile version
  • Performance and conversion improvement
  • Customization and Programming of OXID modules


Elektrohandel Wandelt GmbH is an online shop of household appliances and electrical goods with a comprehensive range and customer-focused service. Since 2005  the shop has already more than 95,000 satisfied customers and have a very high 4.86 score in the rate of Trusted Shops. It is also considered to be one of the largest electrical shops in Europe with over 80,000 products and one of the leaders in the German market. The company stands for low prices, competent advice, friendly service, and fast delivery.

The company’s goal is to offer customers in the B2C and the B2B area an efficient and best possible shopping experience. The ease of use and speed of the company’s website is of a high priority for the company. High-quality website performance is a key for increasing conversion rate and user-friendliness, better ranking with the search engines and increasing sales. 

Elektrohandel Wandelt online shop is based on OXID EE. Optimisation and improvement of the webshop performance were achieved by the following actions:

  • Cleaning the website from deprecated elements in the codes, outdated modules, outdated backups, other ‘useless’ code left by previous developers in order to prevent hacking attacks and site breakdown.
  • The weight and size of the graphic content have been improved for different screen resolutions with the Oxid Image Optimizer module.
  • Static content is cached by Ngnix that can serve static content (directly) very efficiently.
  • The items are added to the shopping cart with AJAX that facilitates a user shopping experience. AJAX allows users to add products to carts instantly without multiple reloads of the same page.
  • CSS and JavaScript minimisation for speeding up the page rendering.
  • Reducing time for HTTP requests.
  • Setting up the new HTTP/2 protocol that allows sending multiple requests for data in parallel and has stream prioritization.
  • Development of the specialized module for connection of Varnish Cache with Oxid EE.

Category →Product→Checkout

To make e-commerce site adapted to the customer needs and expand the functionality, our team used the following approach:

  • Website design improvement.
  • Adaptation of the product box layout (delivery time display, variants, energy label, ratings) on the category page.
  • Adjustment of the product overview page (anchor navigation, eKomi reviews integration, OEM articles).
  • Implementation of payment systems (PayPal PLUS, Crefopay)
  • Prepayments, invoices, cancels and returns optimisation.
  • Discounts and offers functionality enhancement.
  • Realisation of order tracking for customers. 

In order to improve the shopping experience and search on the Elektrohandel Wandelt website, the Doofinder search solution has been expanded and adapted. 

Now users can search for products much faster thanks to:

  • Adaptation of the product box layout: the display of stock availability, delivery times, ratings, tooltips with info.
  • Voice search connection.
  • Top products and Suggestions display.
  • Putting the products to the shopping cart directly in the Doofinder search window.
Category →Product→Checkout

Website usability for both shop visitors and shop managers was improved with numerous OXID modules that provide: 

  • Pop-up implementation for displaying the content in a separate pop-up overlay to emphasise it.  
  • Special price implementation.
  • Image upgrading to improve page loading time and enhance the product images, banners and logos in the shop.
  • Website adaptation to the new laws of consumer protection rules (according to GDPR).
  • Creating and managing advertising banners.
  • and a lot more.  

Our team developed an application for the client’s suppliers on the basis of EspoCRM. This application aims to automate the business and to perfect the delivery processes for suppliers and the company.

Application developed based on EspoCRM has:

  • Automatic import of CSV files with order data for suppliers.
  • Informing through the e-mail about certain data corrections both for suppliers and company.
  • Configuration of the field for Ajax-Live-search.
  • Enhanced Sorting function.



Elektrohandel Wandelt website is a complex project that includes numerous optimisation, creation, installation and monitoring processes. 

The versatility of the project is simply shown by:

  • More than 1700 tasks have been assigned via the ticket system and the work behind them has been successfully implemented.
  • 13000 hours spend on development and counting, 
  • More than 100 Oxid modules were updated and improved.
  • The new Varnish server installation and support.

The key indicators of the online shop riched their perfect levels and even more. Page load time got reduced by 25%. Reduced TTFB by 63%, the website has one of the lowest TTFB indicators. The annual SLA of website accessibility is 99.95%.


The key indicators Page load time Waiting TTFB The annual SLA of website accessibility
In numbers

1.57 to 1.18ms

reduced by 25%

120 to 44ms

reduced by 63%


it means total year downtime 4h 22m 58s