Shopware Online Configurator for Printing Shops

Technologies: icon Technologies:

  • Shopware 5
  • Vue.js
  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), PHP
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL

Service: icon Service:

  • Project management, technical support, and consulting
  • Optimisation of the website performance
  • Adaptive design development for mobile devices and a tablet
  • Constant updates of Shopware 5 including all plugins
  • Ensuring data protection for all customers


Nowadays, in the times of a new information era with countless Internet opportunities digital technologies have a great impact on society & economics. They have changed significantly the manufacturing world by improving its efficiency and paving the ways for a great number of new services, particularly in the printing industry, where the printing process has altered perfectly to meet the needs of the modern society marked for the high rhythm of life. Today, printing companies are not only responsible for printing, but also for keeping their customers updated about promotions, novelty printed products, innovative opportunities in the world of book production.  meets all these requirements for a modern printing company, and even more, in cooperation with LiveInnovation and other research and educational platforms the main mission of сlient from the printing industry is to provide students with the quality research papers writing and printing services, as well as to inspire them to write.

In order to meet demands of the modern customers’, client's develops  online processes that enables printing  in the shortest time with the lowest cost possible utilizing  advanced technologies, which are customer oriented. That’s why the guarantee of quality order fulfillment  is the ultimate goal of  сurrent market leader in the student printing segmentThe certified icons of  Satisfied customers & First-class print quality  located on the footer at the bottom of each Website page demonstrate customers high quality service and excellent company performance.

A full range of сlient from the printing industry services has to offer are noted on the Homepage, which are as follows:  printing service & binding, checking for plagiarism, editing & transcription services. Besides, they are depicted in the category menu. Also, on the homepage a visitor is  introduced to the recent posts and given some tips how to enhance  scientific writing and make it clearer and more professional.  All those article-tips on writing research papers are wonderfully illustrated in the category "Study Guide".

Why is сlient from the printing industry considered №1 in the field of providing online printing services for students? Looking through the homepage, it is very easy to find an answer: through the improved functionality of сlient from the printing industry, which has been adapted  to the modern "international" students’ requirements, with the following options like: instant checking the text for plagiarism in 10 minutes; free express delivery (the function the “Delivery Date Calculator” informs customers about the exact delivery dates, including weekends and holidays); a unique opportunity to make an accurate order with “3D Previewer”, that  ensures the best experience for the customer.


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Groundbreaking innovation in printing industry has been  an introduction of Online Configurator by Kenner Soft Services GmbH in 2020. It is important to stress that  this online configurator based on Vue.js and Shopware 5 has been built into the frame of the сlient's site on WordPress. Besides, being  integrated on the Category  and Product pages  it is equipped with many special functions which stand for the external design of the academic writing and its printing. They enable a customer:

  • to select a right  binding and hardboard cover colour;
  • to use a university logo if necessary;
  • to choose the right paper/ printing setting (single sided/duplex);
  • to check data for printability;
  • to utilize additional services and decorate an academic paper or a book with the following convenient accessories such as a transparent pocket for CDs, a triangular corner pocket, and fold out pages.

Once the final binding adjustments have been made, a customer has a wonderful  opportunity to take advantage of  “INNOVATIVE Look Inside Function” and  “3D Review”, so that he could digitally visualize his academic paper before placing an order. Having chosen a document for the product and uploaded it from the device as a PDF, a buyer is able to look through digitally all pages of his scientific writing  in detail (with graphics, tables, page corners, a cover, embossing, a headband)  and  come across possible formatting errors. “3D Review” is an ideal solution for a final check of the academic paper online before submitting an order. After having added all these changes, customers can see their final amount on a Pricing Calculator and check out an accurate date of delivery with a Delivery Time Calculator. Both of them are placed  at  the bottom of the page.

Thanks to the options mentioned above, customization has been  done on all products pages of client's website. A detailed product description is neatly arranged next to the product picture, thus making the entire section looking more organized. Followed by,  a wide choice of the informatively showcased product alternatives  is at the customer’s disposal. 

Special features for merchandise:

  • Product variants depending on colour,  binding, paper, and embossing 
  • Configurable product is displayed through a content (detailed description of the product),  as well as through the  thumbnails images.
  • Some items are marked with special badges "Free Delivery", "Super Deals", "Bestsellers" and product quality labels.
  • Product options are indicated with tooltips in the form of an information "cloud" that contains an expanded explanation of the selected function.

Customers make an order at the pages of the “out-of-the-box”  multipage Checkout.

Integrated  payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express)
Category →Product→Checkout Category →Product→Checkout Category →Product→Checkout