Technologies: icon Technologies:

  • Shopware 5
  • PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS
  • Docker for local development of the website to run all possible applications as one package
  • Git, Ansible for CI/CD
  • Automation coding control of the quality
  • Grunt

Service: icon Service:

  • Technical support, guidance, and consultations
  • Favicon Integration and setup
  • Configuration of the hidden sub-shops for integration with external sales channels
  • Consulting the customer on multidimensional products regarding the variant display styles: the image/standard configurators
  • Setup of CSV files import
  • Installation of the DHL Adapter Plugin
  • Installation of Adcell Service for tracking and remarketing



For over a century the company Geuther Babyproducts GmbH has been proudly producing safe and high-quality furniture for children. The furniture items are made of local materials and European wood and certified by TÜV in compliance with European safety standards. The Geuther Babyproducts GmbH adheres to the brand "Made in Germany" and stands for high quality and pollutant-free furniture, as well as integrates modern product designs.


The Homepage contains a search form,  a slider, information related to TÜV/GS safety standards, the links on the promotional pages based on Shopping World, special offers of the products that have already been discontinued, and quick links regarding the service provided by the manufacturer. It is also possible to subscribe to the news. 


The Geuther Babyproducts GmbH online shop uses a single Shopware installation with the Multishop Settings applied which enable customers from Germany, as well as from the English-speaking countries, the Netherlands, France, Italy to use the website independently in a preferred language.  Each shop has been secured with Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. 

Category →Product→Checkout

With AJAX-based filter system a searching process has been optimized on the Category page through providing product filters in the sidebar with the following filter criteria like colour, dacor, material, covering, and a price. Having Location Breadcrumb and a good navigation menu on the category page  also helps  customers find what they are looking for.

The checkout process allows a customer to return to the shop at any time and continue shopping. 

One-Page Checkout has been used where all the elements of a standard checkout process are simply placed on a single page.


Special features for merchandise:

  • Informing the buyer about the date of a possible delivery of goods based on information from the ERP system.
  • Various models of furniture items depending on colour or size.  Some product alternatives are marked through thumbnails images.
  • The products have a technical specification as well as links to PDF documents describing the characteristics of the furniture.
  • User safety instructions of the furniture are also attached to the product.
Category →Product→Checkout

Integrated payment methods:

  • PayPal Direct Payment Option
  • Rechnung (payment per invoice)
  • Credit Card
  • Purchase on Account

Integration of the external services:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Lengow to enable sales of products at the external marketplaces