Technologies: icon Technologies:

  • Shopware 5.(a single Shopware installation with the main shop plus multiplying subshops in countries including France, Italy and Great Britain; a mobile version)
  • PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS
  • Docker for local development of the website to run all possible applications as one package
  • Git, Ansible for CI/CD

Service: icon Service:

  • Project Management, technical support, guidance, and consultations
  • Liaison with the customer regarding the replacement of server infrastructure, to ensure a smooth migration from old to a new one, Creoline, with little downtime
  • Consulting the customer regarding the captcha optimization to avoid errors and spam by checkout
  • The latest Update of Blisstribute Plugin


Since 2009 Gusti Leder GmbH has been engaged in the design and manufacturing high quality and fashionable leather bags, accessories, stationery, and other leather items. Moreover, using sustainable and conventional methods of production makes leather products eco-friendly, unique, and beautiful.  The leather is sourced from reliable suppliers in India and Morocco and is regularly tested for safety by “TÜV SÜD". In addition to high product quality, the company has been known for implementing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) concept through eco-efficiency, labour standards and working conditions, social/gender equity, human rights, good governance measures.

The Homepage contains a search form, a shopping basket, a navigation menu, feature banners highlighting offers,  banners that add visual appeal to a category page, a slider with the best-selling products, and the icon of Trusted Shops. With the link “Inspiration, Care Tips & Background Information” customers have been called to action.

The cookies policy has been applied to the website in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  cookie consent requirements. 

Also, there are options to subscribe to the news through social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest.

Category →Product→Checkout

The layout of the Category page includes a horizontal navigation bar,  a Breadcrumb navigation, banners, a sorting bar, attribute filters allowing customers to quickly find their desired item while exposing them to a wide range of attribute options. Besides, the category page consists of Lazy Loading Images. The technology of the Lazy Loading Images that are not in the viewport is employed on the category page to improve the initial page load performance and user experience.The website has been secured with SSL Certificate. 

To provide a smooth shopping experience on the Product page,  the use of product thumbnails has been enhanced through high-quality images and product videos, an Instagram photo slider, product availability and shipping options, clear product names, and brief descriptions. Having displayed ratings next to the product allows buyers to better understand other users’ experiences and to choose the desired item with confidence.

 The checkout process allows a customer to return to the shop and continue shopping. It is organized on several pages - so-called Multi-Steps Checkout, used in order to provide buyers with a cleaner and well-organized design for the pages.  Breadcrumb navigation is another useful feature of the checkout page which shows customers the exact stage of their checkout process.  Customers interested in the express checkout could choose to check out with PayPal or to use their Amazon Account. 

Special features for merchandise:

  • Informing the buyer about the date of a possible delivery of goods based on information from the ERP system.
  • Product alternatives depending on colour, size, or zodiac sign.
  • The product variants are marked through thumbnails images.
  • The products have short descriptions, suggestions, reviews as well as links to the product videos.
  • Products could be personalized through the engraving function with a maximum of 30 characters (including different emoticons and symbols). The engraving is displayed as a separate product in the shopping cart. 
Category →Product→Checkout Category →Product→Checkout

Integration of the external services:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Trusted Shops

Integrated payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Klarna
  • Credit Cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard)
  • Sofort
  • Rechnung (payment per invoice)
  • Vorkasse (purchase on account)