Technologies: icon Technologies:

  • Shopware 5
  • PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS
  • Docker
  • Git, Ansible for CI/CD
  • Automation coding control of the quality
  • Grunt

Service: icon Service:

  • Project management, technical support, and consulting
  • Adaptive design development for mobile devices and a tablet
  • Improving the Lazy Load performance
  • Bulk Order Plugin update
  • Development of a new customized design for the product page
  • Zoom Plugin Update


When it comes to top martial arts brands, IPPON clearly stands out in a crowd. Since 2003 IPPON-SHOP has been at the forefront of offering the latest sports trends, high quality equipment and gears to Judoka, Karateka & BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)  athletes. In 2016 the in-house judo brand, IPPON GEAR, was established in Abensberg. Two years later IPPON  GEAR was officially recognized by the International Judo Federation and became  IJF APPROVED judo brand, which has been outfitting  the national teams as well as Olympic Champions in accordance with IJF judogi rules throughout these years.  Besides, as an official FUJI Sports distributor, IPPON-Shop has been providing the leading US brands with Jiu Jitsu equipment and martial arts mats. The greatest IPPON achievement is a high quality brand of products that are designed to withstand a battlefield and become a legend.

The Homepage of the store contains the following elements like  a search form, a slider with the links to promo pages built on Shopping World, Top-Seller banners, logo banner, indicating famous sports brands with the links to their product pages. An inspiring animated banner with some SEO texts  acquaints visitors with the company's history and its production. 

Since one of the key priorities for IPPON Gear brand is  a life of athletes, a special attention should be drawn to the design and the functionality of the blog “IPPON SHOP Martial Arts Mag”, which helps keep visitors on track, attuned to what is new in the martial arts world. In addition to this, the customers can follow the  latest news of the company  in social media through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Also, there is an option to sign up for the news. The Newsletter functionality has been expanded to include the capability of a dropdown menu, so that a consumer could  select the kind of sport he is interested in.

Based on Shopware 5, “Responsive” design of the online store has been changed to “Adaptive” according to the customer’s  requirements. Consequently,  multiple fixed layout sizes have been developed for mobile devices and a tablet to choose the most appropriate pattern available, thus making the design touch friendly. Multilingual settings extend a spectrum of the shopping possibilities for both German and English-speaking audiences. Cloudflare is configured as an SSL certificate.

Category →Product→Checkout

The Category page is designed to draw customers attention and motivate them to remain on the page through engaging visuals and captivating CTA (call-to-action). When customers mouse over a particular image, they receive a direct response to its color/ size variants available showcased  through thumbnail images. Searching process on the category page has been also  optimized through a wide range of filtering and sorting options. The page contains an expanded menu with hyperlinks to the product categories and a “Breadcrumb” navigation trail located in the upper right footer of each page, enabling  the user to track the starting or entry point of the website.

The main emphasis of this project was placed  on the product demonstrations. A new customized design of the Product page has been developed, which allows to significantly improve overall impression of visitors while viewing the product. A Zoom plugin has been applied to the photograph gallery to enlarge images on touch, click, or mouseover. As such, it enhances the image viewing process by giving a way to a customer to envision that product in his home or in his hands. It is also possible to select the right  size and a color on the product page, as all products are displayed  through advanced variants. Each variant has  2 customer-selectable attributes: colour and size.

Besides, IPPON is also functioning as a Business-to-business (B2B) online company that focuses on selling products to other companies. To allow companies and users to quickly order large consignments of goods, the Bulk Order Form has been integrated on the product page. A brief product description with its properties and a SEO text can be found here. More than that, 2 sliders with the links to Accessories/Similar/Recently purchased products categories are at the customer’s disposal. It is worthwhile to note that the functionality of both sliders has been enhanced. Now the customer is able to utilize them not only for viewing purposes, but also to add necessary items to the shopping cart.

Special features for merchandise:

  • Providing  the buyer with the date of a possible delivery of goods based on information from the ERP system.
  • Product variants depending on colour or size.  
  • Configurable product does not look  like a  single product with a drop-down list of options but each option is actually displayed as a separate simple product. The colours are depicted through thumbnail images, the sizes - through the additional buttons. 
  • Bulk production.
  • Items which belong to Judo/BJJ/Karate categories are marked with the special labels of quality like “IJF APPROVED”, “WKF APPROVED”, “IB JJF APPROVED”.

The Checkout process enables a buyer anytime  to get back to the shop and continue  the shopping, whereas  all his selected  have been already saved in the shopping cart. “Out-of-the-box” multi-page checkout has been integrated. 

Category →Product→Checkout Category →Product→Checkout

Integrated payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards
  • Rechnung (payment per invoice)
  • Vorkasse (purchase on account)

Integration of the external services:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel