Technologies: icon Technologies:

  • PHP, JavaScript
  • Oxid Enterprise Edition
  • Sphinx
  • Bootstrap 2
  • MySQL

Service: icon Service:

  • Shop support and shop development
  • Complete shop redesigning
  • Customisation and Programming of OXID modules
  • Server Infrastructure configuration
  • Sphinx integration
  • New import technology installation
  • SEO optimisation


Knoll Elektrogroßhandel online shop has been a Bosch authorized wholesaler for household appliances in southern Germany for more than 60 years. Home appliances from Bosch, Constructa, Jura, Gorenje and other suppliers are presented on the e-commerce site and became a passion for the Knoll Elektrogroßhandel team. The company has more than 400 partners in the electrical trade that trust in the company’s wide range of services and technical support. Fast availability, more than 500 different types of home appliances, more than 1000 spare parts, fast delivery within 48 hours with freight forwarders are the main principles for the company.

The work with a Knoll Elektrogroßhandel website started with the testing of the website performance and usability. Based on the testing results development team took the following steps to ensure the best optimisation result - the website was upgraded from Oxid 4.5 to one of the latest versions at that time - Oxid 6. All the outdated modules were upgraded to improve the website’s usability both for users and the company. For this client not only the existing modules were updated but also the new ones developed and integrated.


Category →Product→Checkout

Additional modules serve for:

  • Interaction of online shop with ERP system of the company;
  • The functionality of the B2B shop;
  • Displaying a category menu on the site allowing adding a side image to the menu;
  • Sitemap generation.

Web design was completely updated. Our team worked through all the stages including the design development of:

  • Start page
  • Top-level category page
  • Subcategory page 
  • Product page and adding the ability to display videos from the Youtube channel on the product page
  • Personal account
  • Shopping cart
  • And replacing the main logo

In order to have the fast search with the autocomplete function website had a full-text search engine - Sphinx integrated into it. Hence, for the functional filtration of the product by attributes, we implemented special algorithms for Sphinx.

To raise the position of the website and improve SEO the following solutions were implemented:

  • Creation of robots.txt;
  • Setup of sitemap.xml;
  • Installation of Google Analytics tracking code;
  • Page load time acceleration.

KennerSoft has installed a new import of products from the company’s ERP system. With the changed site owner, the structure of the order export file to the ERP was also changed.


After the work on the Knoll Elektrogroßhandel website was completed, webshop improvements were obvious - shop become more functional, design more pleasing, secure, user-friendly and faster for loading. 

The complex work on the Knoll Elektrogroßhandel website was done in order to satisfy the needs both of the company and customers. The website was adapted for the professional client-service providing while increasing conversion and performance rates.

Category →Product→Checkout Category →Product→Checkout