Technologies: icon Technologies:

  • OXID eShop Professional Edition
  • PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS
  • Docker for local development of the website in order to run all possible applications as one package

Service: icon Service:

  • Project Management, technical support, and consulting.
  • The individual design development of the shop according to CI guidelines (Corporate Identity)
  • Rollenland Module Update to the latest version


As a leading  phenol-free paper distributor, Rollenland  has been offering to the world a unique variety of  its high-quality eco-friendly  receipt paper (cash register rolls, thermal rolls and EC cash rolls). The products are manufactured at the paper mills in Germany according to German environmental and sustainability standards. The key highlight of the company is the production of phenol-free thermal paper rolls, which makes a significant  contribution to the development and maintenance of “a Union Strategy for a non-toxic environment” in order to improve the level of protection of human health and the environment from harmful exposures to chemicals.

In 2011 Rollenland was established  as an e-commerce company. In addition to quality and service, the main focus has been placed on delivering personalized customer  service through various communication channels like  hotline, e-mail, insights from ratings and reviews. Online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Xing, YouTube  let a customer stay on top of trending topics. 

Based on a standardized OXID eSales 6 Flow Theme, the individual design of the shop has been developed by utilizing a set of specific symbols, colour variations, and a graphic forms in accordance with CI guidelines (Corporate Identity). Along with multilingual features, Rollenland has the ability to conduct multicurrency e-Commerce. A responsive Web design offers a good usability on all devices.

A well-structured Homepage design welcomes the customer to the site and allows him to explore the shop in more details. It contains the following elements like a search form, good navigation, a shopping cart,  a slider to choose a printer model, a Best Seller Product slider, advertising banners and some SEO texts. Having a blog on the homepage makes the website look more unique. Built on a flexible WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform, the blog is a great asset to help customer search an appropriate product. It gives a clear explanation about the merchandise the customer is intending to buy in the form of various engaging articles and enables him directly to partake in the shopping, as the blog posts are linked with the category pages accordingly.

One of the peculiarities of navigation is a multifunctional live search or a “Sphinx search”. It allows customers instantly to see search results, which can be sorted by category, article, blog without needing to redirect them to a results page. Search extensions are also synonyms supported and have a spell correction function. Besides a live search, a “roller-finder” is at the customer’s  disposal. Thanks to the “roller-finder” a customer is not required to attend all pages in order to select the necessary items, as he is invited directly to join  the shopping process on the homepage. Taking advantage of the “roller-finder” solution customers are entitled to select the right printer straight away; to filter the  receipt rolls due to their business needs; to use the option of the SEPA Direct Debit system (note: this option is only available to countries that have signed the "Single Euro Payment Area" agreement); to view the selected goods with the scroll and send them  to the shopping cart. Those who are interested in placing their company logo on the paper rolls should inform Rollenland via e-mail  to accommodate their request. 

Category →Product→Checkout

Followed by the homepage, a well-structured Category page includes Breadcrumb navigation, banners indicating the size of the receipt rolls, filtering and sorting options which enable customers to quickly search for their desired items according to the  specified criteria and SEO texts. Thanks to the tooltips icons placed next to each product card, the customer gets a quick overview of the roll sizes, as well as their quantity discounted  prices.

The Product page gives a customer an excellent overview of available products  by showcasing high quality images, detailed descriptions,  customer reviews, and quality certifications. Also,  the page is equipped with two sliders to view the recommended or lately seen items.

Special features for merchandise:

  • Quantity discounted  product prices which result in a decreased cost per unit of goods when purchased in greater numbers.
  • Product alternatives depending on size/theme/label/type/printing quality. Some  product variants are displayed through thumbnails images.
  • Special gold or silver badges for “First Zero”  high-quality products.
  • Tooltips  icons indicating the  paper roll size (length/core/width).
  • Products possess the labels for green certifications (Nordic Swan, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)).

To make the checkout process easier, the  "out-of-the-box"  multi-page checkout has been used. It provides a customer with a cleaner and well-organized layout for the checkout pages, which can be easily monitored through the progress bar. The display of the Location Breadcrumb shows the customer the position and the way to the homepage. Importantly, creating an account is quite optional at checkout, what increases the conversion rate.

Integrated  payment methods:                                   

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card

Integration of the external  services: 

  • Uptain
Category →Product→Checkout Category →Product→Checkout