Technologies: icon Technologies:

  • PHP, JavaScript
  • Oxid Community Edition
  • Sphinx
  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL
  • Varnish

Service: icon Service:

  • Shop support and development
  • Development of the new website design
  • Implementation of content caching based on Varnish
  • Performance enhancement
  • Customization and Programming of OXID modules
  • Sphinx integration
  • SEO optimisation

Introduction→Homepage is a specialist dealer for everything to do with sports exhaust with more than 20 years of experience in the field of tuning and exhaust systems. The main intention of the online shop is to offer customers a wide range of tuning accessories in a simple and innovative way, while at the same time guaranteeing high service quality.

The online shop has suitable components not only for every vehicle manufacturer but also for almost every vehicle type. In addition, custom-made products are part of the standard merchandise listed for sale and can be requested at any time. Regardless of the manufacturer, for every type of vehicle, there is a satisfactory solution for the customer.

Category →Product→Checkout website is based on the OXID CE e-commerce platform. The cooperation with the customer started after testing the website on performance and usability. Based on obtained results the following initial propositions were applied:

  • Updating the Oxid platform and all the outdated modules to the latest versions;
  • Adding Varnish content caching;
  • Implementing of a full-text Sphinx search engine;
  • Development of fast filters for products based on Sphinx.
  • Synchronization of orders and products with the internal ERP;
  • Integrating Lexware (inventory management and accounting system);
  • Installation of TinyMCE editor to simplify website content creation.
  • Improvement of the image delivery process to increase the speed of the site.

Numerous SEO optimisation processes were undertaken for comprehensive development and website promotion in the results of search engines:

  • Identification of problematic issues on the website;
  • Integrating of SEO-optimising module;
  • Development of URL configuration mechanism;
  • Creating of own SEO Encoder;
  • Designing of functional to set titles and descriptions by manufacturers;
  • Installation of Google E-commerce module;
  • Enhancement of titles, descriptions, texts etc.
Category →Product→Checkout

The website was redesigned by our team to improve the display of web pages and individual elements of the site. Additional modules were created and installed in order to increase the website usability and automate business processes. Modules with the following functions were created for: 

  • Generating XML and PDF documents;
  • JavaScript and CSS files uploading in one file while compressing them to improve the rendering of the website;
  • Filtering products according to specific HSN and TSN data to optimise the search;
  • Dividing the number of goods into groups;
  • Generation of the titles for pictures to optimise alt tags of pictures and better indexing of the goods;
  • Configuration and implementation of automatic calculation of the delivery price relative to the conditions;
  • Adding free gifts to orders.

To make the shopping experience easy and stressless, the option to register in the shop with the help of social networks like Facebook and Google Plus was added. While the functionality of the shop was raised due to synchronisation with eBay: delivery statuses sync, import of orders from eBay to the store, import of goods that are placed on eBay, information about which of the goods in the shop are active on eBay etc.



Our productive cooperation with helped the company to modernise the website and enhance design and usability. Implementing new technologies and improving the functioning of existing ones supported the multifaceted site development. Thanks to providing a high-quality and comfortable site workflow while raising the indicators of customer satisfaction and performance we also have achieved impressive results in website statistics.


The key indicators Bounce rate Sessions rate New audience rate
In percent reduced by 98.6% increased by 250% increased by 212%

Integrated payment methods:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Payment in advance
  • PayPal (PayPal Express, PayPal PLUS)
  • Santander Webfinans

Integrated delivery methods:

  • GLS
  • DHL
  • Deutsche Post