eCommerce project development based on Shopware

Shopware is Germany's leading e-commerce platform that makes big leaps in the global market. One of the best PHP-based eCommerce solutions has a community version, which is an open-source version as well as a paid version.

Benefits of Shopware

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Shopware is an innovative and reliable solution that will help make any business more successful. Having experience with many major eCommerce platforms, including Magento, we recommend the Shopware platform.

Reduce development and support costs. The platform reduces the cost of project development and maintenance. Magento customers switching to Shopware mainly due to above benefits
High quality of code - made in Germany! The standards are defined by the rigid architecture of Shopware code, so projects pass any code quality audit. There is a common saying among developers: “It's hard to do poorly on Shopware.”
Scalability. There are no restrictions on memory, processes, performance and functionality: the platform handles any load as the business grows.
Open architecture (Open Source). Open Source removes restrictions of proprietary software, so no vendor lock-in and no unwelcome surprises. Shopware open source code makes it possible to change the contractor or transfer the solution to own technical department. 100% test coverage of the kernel and most modules on the market. Simplification of the seamless integration process with any ERP-systems.
Global ecosystem. More than 1000 extensions (applications) are available for use, including WCM / DXP, PIM, CPQ, reviews and ratings, a marketing center and analytics.

What is offered by other e-Commerce CMS?



1. Out of the box rich functionality

2. Simple implementation of various features

3. Fast development

Hidden Drawbacks

Lack of quality standardsThere is no well defined and controlled standards for the system, so quality of the project remains on the "conscience" of developers.

Project transfers are complex.After some time the project may no longer be supported (resulting in vendor lock-in) — meaning it will not be possible to transfer project to another developer.

Investment risksSince investment is made in the “black box” in a long term company will encounter losses.

Performance limitationsThe Architecture is not designed for high performance.

Why to use Shopware

Shopware is ideal for B2C companies, but the platform is powerful enough for those who involved in B2B activities

why-1Why Shopware

Shopware is a an excellent solution for eCommerce projects, with flexible settings, a simple user interface and an extended extensions (applications) to enhance functionality. To get acquainted with the possibilities of Shopware, see also "My Account" and the store template. Registration is not required, we provide a username and password.

why-2Who should use Shopware

Shopware is ideal for B2C companies, but the platform is powerful enough for those who involved in B2B activities.

why-3Companies with a Broad Infrastructure

The system is designed for a large number of integrations.

why-4Projects with high loads

There are no limitations on load and performance.

why-5Omnichannel solutions

One of the key benefits of Shopware is centralized management of all the sites.


Ample opportunities to manage custom settings for the "Personal Account" of the client.

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We provide high quality development and on-time project implementation

provide1Project management

Each client has a dedicated project manager who controls project progress from the beginning to successful conclusion. We utilize and make available to our clients Redmine project system and the journal of changes and communications. All the requirements are decomposed into versions (releases), user stories and use cases. Customer satisfaction is our team primary motivation!

provide-2Code Quality Audit

Each project undergoes a strict internal quality audit, consisting of aspects of the availability and control of documentation, discipline in organizing the code, the quality of autotests (units, integration, functional), static analysis data, and the results of stress tests.

provide-3Transparent cost

Our business processes exclude the possibility of taking advantage of customers by increasing working time needed for projects: worklogs of no more than 4 hours, mandatory comment, full access to Redmine and reports. Automatic reporting and billing process. High speed and quality of work with documentation, taking into account bureaucratic requirements.

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