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Magento and Shopware are the most powerful and highly scalable software solutions on the market that enable entrepreneurs to effectively build and manage their online business.

Shopware is better suited for small and medium-sized businesses because it is easier and cheaper to run. Magento, on the other hand, is to be regarded as an enterprise e-commerce solution, the system better meets the requirements of medium-sized and large companies that are not afraid of very high financial investments. 

So if you are overwhelmed by the complexity of Magento or if instead of moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2 you have decided to discover the advantages of Shopware, then you have come to the right place. 

Shopware is the leading e-commerce platform in Germany that is making a big leap on the world market. It is a modular online shop system with over 91,000 customers worldwide, which was first published as open source software in 2004. With this e-commerce solution, online retailers can design their own online shop flexibly and freely. 

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Explanation of the scheme: TOP 10k, 100k, 1m - means: TOP of the websites according to the Truffic, i.e. among the 100k most popular websites, for example, the websites based on Shopware took almost 125 in 2021. Among the TOP 1m in the same year - over 1000.  

The migration of a Magento online shop to Shopware has numerous advantages, which we will consider in more detail below.

What advantages does Shopware offer?    

Shopping Worlds   

The shopping worlds in Shopware are a creative means of creating emotional shopping experiences. With the help of the shopping worlds, it is possible to present any product information to customers in the desired form: article sliders, YouTube videos, banners or manufacturer sliders. They can be created via the Shopware backend and are responsive. There are already preset templates in the system, and all is needed just to fill these templates with content - quickly, easily and without hiring an agency. But it is also possible to create individual templates in Shopware with the help of development company.

This storytelling feature attracts existing and new customers. 


The work in the admin panel

Shopware has a very clear and intuitively understandable admin area with plug-in manager that is easy to use. Magento, on the other hand, is very complicated and takes more time to understand the system. The administration area in the backend is clearly structured and is extremely user-friendly thanks to its simple operation. This saves valuable time in the administration of the online shop.
Shopware guarantees flexible management of product variants, stocks, availability status and prices. 

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High flexibility 

Shopware guarantees suitable offers for both small e-commerce companies and start-ups, as well as for medium-sized and large international companies. With the free open source edition it is possible to enter the market quickly and inexpensively, even without technical expertise. Professional and Enterprise Editions are suitable for medium and large companies. 

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Integrated blog   

A blog system is already integrated in Shopware, it has a simple and intuitively understandable user administration, digital publishing, media administration and a simple topic system. 

shopware blog


With the integrated affiliate programs you can reward affiliate websites for referring to your websites. With partner marketing, it is possible to check whether customers have come to the web shop from a specific comparison portal or a price search engine. 

Effective Google ranking 

The Shopware shop system offers simple search engine optimization. The meta descriptions and meta titles are easy to add. It is also easy to implement the comments and product reviews that are important for the ranking. Thanks to automatic SEO configuration, work in the system is made stress-free. The excellent SEO possibilities of Shopware increase the visibility of the online shop and place it higher in the Google search results.            

Voucher system 

Voucher system is a great way to attract new customers and win back old buyers. There are different types of vouchers in Shopware. It is possible to create a general voucher code or to generate individual vouchers. The business owner can determine exactly how many vouchers, with what value, over what period, etc., will be provided. These can be used for promo campaigns or sent to existing customers - depending on company strategy and marketing goals. 

Multishop and multiple languages 

Thanks to the multishops functionality, it is possible to create several online stores and manage via a single main store. This function is particularly important and can usually be used in the B2B area. For example, if the retailer has a large product range, the products can be tailored to target groups and positioned against the competition. Multishops are a common trend in e-commerce and Shopware also keeps pace with the times. For international customers it is even possible to set multilingual options. Ready-made language packs are also available. 

Plugins / extensions

In the Shopware Store there are a large number of useful plugins for online shops that can cover almost all the necessary functions that are not standard: for SEO measurements, Analytics, migration, B2B, ordering process, personalization and other areas.  

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The Shopware community is currently under construction and has already over 40,000+ developers. There is also an active Shopware forum where users can ask their questions and get support. From the Professional Edition onwards, support from Shopware can be booked separately. Internal Shopware's wiki is constantly being developed and is available in English. Shopware also provides its own portal where users can write down bugs (and see the status of the fixes). The in-house academy  also offers video tutorials, live training courses, webinars and certifications. 

Since Adobe bought Magento, the company has positioned itself more towards very large enterprise e-commerce projects, and Shopware, on the other hand, can also support all small and medium-sized projects very successfully. 


Since Magento is packed with features, this software is quite complicated to use. If you are not technically savvy, Magento may not be easy to use. The Magento interface is complex as it contains thousands of different settings. Setting up and customizing Magento can be real trouble. Shopware is much easier in this sense. 

In addition, Shopware has shown better performance. Shopware's response times are faster for almost every website tested:

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Shopware is also highly scalable. There are no restrictions in terms of storage space, processes, performance and functionality. The platform grows as the business of the company grows and is ready for any load.

So, we are of the opinion that Shopware has a great future and that B2C e-commerce will have a niche in the future. It has unbeatable advantages, is simple and inexpensive. Now you can also benefit from this software!

Our agency has been dealing with various e-commerce software solutions for years, we are also conversion optimization experts and would be happy to advise you on all aspects of Shopware, Magento and other e-commerce software. As a conversion optimization agency, we offer services in this area. Our references say more about us. 


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