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2020 will remain in the history as the year of the unexpected dramatic changes caused by COVID-19. Under the pressure of lockdowns & numerous restrictions the world economy suffered and shrank, with some industries coming to a complete halt. The humanity is in the stage of remote working revolution. Consequently, the office buildings have become nearly abandoned and the majority of the companies have had to restructure their business and implement long-term work-from-home policies in order to stay afloat. However, a time of great changes is also a time of great opportunities! During these tough times IT departments are developing new innovative advanced technologies to optimize the process of connectivity & productivity in order to meet the new requirements of the Post-Pandemic Society. To embrace remote work options outsourcing companies have been offering to the enterprises a new business model which is called a DEDICATED TEAM. A complete team of the web experts (software engineers, coders, designers, testers) working remotely can be provided to support exclusively the customer’s project for different purposes.


  • PRODUCTIVITY. These people are professionals and equipped with the latest knowledge pertaining to e-commerce industry. They are able to create a unique web-shop with flawless ease and foreseen the technical issues, which might occur later while running the site, thanks to their enormous experience gained with similar projects.
  • LOW COST. Dedicated teams are usually located in the lower cost countries where IT professionals are highly qualified and in abundance. It is comparatively a cost-effective solution to hire an outsourced development team rather than to build an in-house software development team in the US or Europe, considering salary and other related costs as well as bureaucracy of hiring people. Meanwhile, the quality of the product development is guaranteed. 

Some samples illustrating the cost savings from outsourcing stated below:

In-House Team
Dedicated Team
Numbers of Developers
a fixed number,
average 10
can be various starting from 4, scalable
Man Hours Needed
Hourly Rate
50 EUR
25 EUR*
Office Infrastructure
Employee Benefits
Estim. Cost

Please note an average salary  for Senior Software Engineer  in  Germany is 64,189 EUR per year, while in Ukraine (Eastern Europe), it’s approx. 32,400 USD, which is equivalent to 27,560 EUR as per the current rate (;

  • SCALABILITY. Clients are entitled to choose team members according to the technical requirements and the skills depending on the complexity of the project. The size of the team can be easily scalable. Dedicated Team business model is rather flexible, allowing access to the larger pool of international talents and hiring on demand easier.  
  • SPEED. Dealing with the experts from the dedicated team means that all systems and procedures for a start-up or the maintaining an e-commerce platform have been already established, saving  the best recourse in business which is time.
  • FULL CONTROL. Having Dedicated Team allows a client full access to the work loading, tasks and status of the work. Client controls and establishes priorities and deadlines, sets up online meeting with development team as if he would work with his in-house team. Transparency and focus is a key in Dedicated Team as all the members are fully engaged with one project and not switched between different clients. 
  • RELIABILITY AND SECURITY. Unlike doing business with Freelancers, which undoubtedly can be cheaper, Dedicated Team is a business model offered by well-established and reputable companies. All the members are properly contracted and have a required set of skills. Therefore, with a Dedicated Team a client always feels protected from the data  loss, poor quality or incomplete work  or any other unexpected surprises that often come up with Freelance jobs. Reliability and Security makes all the difference. 

However, there are FEW DISADVANTAGES to hiring a dedicated team:

  • COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS. Even though the communication takes place through e-mails, video calls and other  online tools, there are always some things which can be passed on only through face-to-face communication. Besides, language can also be a major problem.  
  • ORGANIZATIONAL DIFFICULTIES. It is not possible to build a globally distributed team without experiencing organizational difficulties due to the differences in the time zones and cultural background. Therefore, it is worth choosing a team from the relatively similar environment. 
  • FOR LONG TERM PROJECTS. Dedicated team is better suitable for long term projects, with defined roles and responsibilities and continuous tasks flow. Clients who are looking for this business as a short term solution would be disappointed as setting up a team is costly and usually contract with minimum defined time is asked. 

All things considered, collaborating with a dedicated team can be a very gratifying experience, although not one without difficulties. Choosing the right partner for a job is a key to success, and things to look for in the right partner are: being a legally established company, preferably in jurisdiction with a strong rule of law, as well as experienced in offering IT Services and particularly a Dedicated Team business model. Kenner Soft Service GmbH is just that right partner! 

Why to consider  a Dedicated Team provided by Kenner Soft Service GmbH?


  • Established in Germany, with developers located in Ukraine, allowing proximity of time zones and culture, while offering high skills at low cost; 
  • No language barriers - all Project Managers have an excellent command of the German and English languages  and are  well experienced in IT industry; 
  • “Redmine” internal program is at the client’s disposal to liaise closely with a Dedicated team, set up and control tasks, establish priorities and check the results of the work done on a daily basis;
  • Expertise in implementing complex e-commerce projects based on Shopware & OXID;  integration of CRM and PIM systems;
  • Developed more than 100 individuals plugins for Shopware & OXID that improve the website performance (see the category of modules);
  • Flexible and dynamic by nature we are ready to embrace any technical challenges and implement it into the project with no downtime;
  • The highest level of business cooperation, an outstanding service, responsibility and a delivery of quality work can be guaranteed. 

If you are interested in getting your web-shop professionally supported or planning  to start your own online business from the scratch,  simply contact us at your most convenience. Giving maximum attention to our clients’ projects, the greatest reward for us is to know that our customer is happy with our results of his profitable e-commerce product.


Are you interested in a dedicated team?

Please contact our team, we will be glad to help you.

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