DevOps Services and Solutions

DevOps is a progressive approach aimed at the synergy of the software development and infrastructure operations departments where it runs. It allows achieving optimal and predictable functioning of production, more frequent releases and better involvement of all engineers in the processes, as a result, saving time and errors in the development of the project.

KennerSoft provides DevOps services, which allows accompanying the life cycle of any service and software product in accordance with all recognized international standards for the development and maintenance of software products. We offer the outsourcing service of the DevOps team for both new startups and existing projects. Our engineers optimize software development and delivery processes, as well as provide round-the-clock support.


We evaluate the current state of the infrastructure and make its audit

ident-1Identification of critical issues

We focus on agile project management and are open to changes of any kind in the project process.

ident-2Identifying the best solution

Every customer gets full access to our project management and reporting system.

DevOps methodology allows us to quickly assemble, test, release and update software. We will analyze the internal structure of a company and implement a solution that is ideal for your business.

Helping businesses focus on development instead of wasting time supporting infrastructure

Providing 24/7 support of services and infrastructure. We ensure uninterrupted operation of all services, increasing uptime up to 99.5%. Taking a project under our constant supervision means - we work without days off, breaks, and even on holidays. Our promise: respond to the request within 20 minutes, provide a solution to even the most serious problem in no more than 3 hours.


The concept of continuous integration and delivery of CI/CD is implemented in the form of an established conveyor when developers regularly make changes to the program code in the central repository, after which the assembly, testing, deployment is carried out and the product is marketed. Our experts are ready to build this conveyor on any of your projects.


Our engineers ensure the resiliency and continuous availability of your company's critical IT services. To do this, distributed monitoring systems are created that collect metrics, and in case of an increase in the load on the system, it is automatically scaled to reduce the risks of service failure.


We help to form and provide ready-made teams of specialists that support 24/7 optimal functionality of all critical online-services. With such round-the-clock monitoring and management of the customer’s entrusted systems rate of accidents is significantly reduced, and the efficiency of service delivery is increased.

KennerSoft provides DevOps engineers with the following
skills and experience:

  • Using source code management tools: Git, SVN, Mercurial
  • Repository Management Systems: GitLab
  • Continuous Integration Systems: Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Hudson
  • Setup and support operating environments, testing and operations in Linux and Windows
  • Migration and maintenance of applications in AWS, Alibaba Cloud
  • Configuring virtualization systems based on KVM, Proxmox technologies
  • Applying Containerization Technologies such as Docker
  • Manage configurations with the help of Ansible tools
  • Works in Agile Scrum teams

Unsere Technologien

Wir erstellen und starten erfolgreich E-Commerce-Projekte, Webservices, B2B-Portale und Marktplätze. Bei der Projektentwicklung nutzen wir folgende Programmiersprachen und Frameworks:

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