Digitizing the business often means creating an online shop that serves as a virtual shop window and multiplies the possibilities of reaching a wider audience and offering the products to new customers. In this sense, product marketplaces, e-commerce shops and even social networks are real channels that enable these commercial purposes. 

Shopware - your best e-commerce software

Shopware is the leading e-commerce platform in Germany, which is making a big leap in the world market. It is a modular online shop system with over 91,000 customers worldwide that was first released in 2004 as open source software. With this e-commerce solution, online retailers can design their own online shop with full flexibility and freedom. 

In February 2022, Shopware AG took a significant step in its strategic development and entered into a partnership with the two well-known investors Carlyle and PayPal. In addition, Shopware is very actively developing the English-speaking market and has very good chances of becoming the most used e-commerce software. 


Source: BuiltWith https://trends.builtwith.com/shop/Shopware              

Explanation of the scheme: TOP 10K, 100K, 1m - means: TOP of the websites in terms of traffic, i.e. among the 100K most popular websites, for example, the Shopware-based websites took almost 125 in 2021. Among the TOP 1m in the same year - over 1000.               

Here are some advantages at a glance:

  • Over 55,000 satisfied customers, the system is precisely tailored to the needs and requirements of the German market.
  • Clear and easy-to-use backend 
  • Many responsive templates 
  • Shopping worlds 
  • Integrated blog   
  • Intuitive and clear structure in the front-end 
  • Affiliate and voucher system                
  • Effective Google ranking 
  • Multi-shop and multi-language capable 
  • Product variants, stock levels, availability status and prices can be adjusted or added flexibly and quickly.                 

How much does a Shopware shop cost?

The costs of an online shop can be divided into 3 phases: construction, launch and operation. Each phase can be reasonably affordable or extremely expensive, depending on the shop budget and goals. 

The price of creating a Shopware online store basically depends on what plan you have and whether you need professional help to create it, which is always recommended to get good results. A very important factor is the size of your company, which also influences other campaigns: which edition to choose, which design and which shop functions and plugins are needed. 

Hosting and domain

When setting up an online shop, one of the first considerations is hosting and domain costs. A web host or hosting service provides a server on which to host the website and makes it available to online users.

There is a wide variety of hosting providers to suit every budget. The following hosting providers are popular in Germany: Hetzner, 1&1, SchlundTech, Hosteurope, Strato, Domainfactory and All-Inkl. 

After choosing the hosting plan, the next step is to register a domain name. This is your website's address and allows users and search engines to visit your website. 

Shopware Edition 

Shopware offers three Editions: Community Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. 

The Open Source Community Edition is provided free of charge and without support from Shopware. 


Professional Edition offers many more features right out of the box and costs from €199.00 per month or €2,495.00 once. Support from the software manufacturer Shopware AG is already available with this edition. 


Enterprise Edition is suitable for large-scale business models, for very large projects. This edition costs from €2,495.00 per month or €39,995.00 once and offers the highest level of support. 


So, the costs for a Shopware online shop depend on the edition. For beginners, the Community Edition would fit. Professional Edition is usually used by medium-sized companies, and Enterprise - for large projects. 

Shopware Shop Design 

An attractive design for e-commerce is an important part of company brand identity. The design of the web shop can affect its credibility and reliability, both positively and negatively. You can use a standard template or an individual template for this. There are many free and paid  Shopware themes. And there is the option of having an individual design created. 

The best way to strengthen your brand is to create a unique visual identity. When creating a personalized design, you can insert all the features that identify your company, meaning you can create an environment that is the face of your brand. 

Default template:


Individual Shopware design examples: 



design shopware

Functions of the online shop 

The costs for the development of a Shopware online shop also depend on the shop functions: the more complicated the structure and functionality, the more complex and therefore more expensive the implementation. These include:

  • Structure of the products, categories, navigation 
  • Configuration of the customer groups 
  • Shipping processing, forms, confirmation emails, search function, evaluation function 
  • Payment methods and shipping types 
  • Price groups for e.g. dealers
  • User access and administrator accounts

Shopware plugins

Sometimes there are functions needed for the online shop that Shopware Standard does not offer. In this case, it is possible to purchase additional plugins. In the Shopware Store there are many extensions for every need. We have listed the most popular Shopware plugins in our article "The most popular plugins for Shopware 6 at a glance" . Some of these are free, but many need to be purchased. 

The costs for a Shopware online shop depend on the plugins that you need. So if you have specific requirements that extensions cannot cover, you can have custom plugins created. The more complicated the plugin, the more expensive the development - that goes without saying. The creation of product configurators is also time-consuming, but worthwhile. 


The agency 

Choosing the right web agency is very important, because it depends on whether your Shopware online shop will be launched successfully. The quality of the services, reliability and deadlines are of great importance. 

The first point to keep in mind is the transparency of the company. An agency that has transparency as a working philosophy usually offers detailed cost estimates, explains work processes and is flexible. It is also necessary to analyse the level of quality of the projects and the results they can bring you in the long run, so not just choosing the cheapest agency on the market. 

Ecommerce agencies that run good projects usually have a large portfolio and many customer reviews on their websites. 

The role of the team should also not be underestimated, as the creation of a web shop requires various skills and qualifications: programmers (frontend and backend developers), designers, project managers, etc. 

Shopware online shop support

In order for your online shop to function correctly even after the launch, it needs Support. In the course of time it can happen that you want informative inquiries, personal advice, have technical difficulties or want to add new functions or change something else - Shopware support is essential. The following variants are possible: you can purchase a support package where the services are prescribed or work with an agency on an hourly rate. 


The development of a Shopware online shop is a complex, multi-stage process, and the costs depend on many factors: hosting, edition, functionality, plugins, design and much more. Our agency is an expert in creating and supporting Shopware online shops. We take care of the qualitative implementation of your projects with the highest demands on performance, design and user-friendliness. We create the excellent online shop for you and with you, also take care of digital marketing and are happy to advise you. Our credentials say more about us. 

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