More and more companies are considering the use of technology to optimize the efficiency of their business. The implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) is really essential. It is necessary to consider several internal factors of the company and analyse the benefits that the software can actually bring to the organization. The need to implement an ERP system most often arises when the situation in the company gets out of hand, either in terms of difficult access to information or due to a lack of integration between departments.   

The main objectives of a company implementing an ERP solution are:  

  • digitization and modernization of the company, with the possibility of becoming more and more connected with its customers and partners;  
  • automation of manual and repetitive processes;  
  • cost saving through infrastructure and reduction of unnecessary manpower;  
  • improving cooperation between various company departments;  
  • improving the accessibility of company data and enabling new work formats; 
  • ensuring safety in everyday work;  
  • improving decision-making process by managers and directors through higher data quality and reliability.  

By standardizing the data, which is then documented in the system, the use of the ERP system has the following advantages

  • quality and reliability of information;   
  • agility in processes and increased speed in completing tasks;  
  • standardization of operational procedures; 
  • optimization of information flow;  
  • Improved employee productivity.  

The selection of ERP systems is not easy as it seems, because there are many providers on the market and not every system suits every company. Plentymarkets, the common ERP solution in Germany, has been popular for a long time and has already gained the trust of many entrepreneurs. The fairly new ERP solution Weclapp is also rapidly becoming popular on the market and can be considered as a good alternative to Plentymarkets. 

Plentymarket's Ecommerce ERP 

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Plentymarkets is a German all-in-one ERP solution for online shops. The software makes it possible to connect and automate all business processes within your web shop. The Plentymarkets solution combines merchandise management with a shop system and multichannel sales, and the ERP functions are clearly tailored to e-commerce. This ERP software is best suited for medium and large e-commerce businesses. 

Advantages of Plentymarkets ERP

  • Comprehensive software: the company offers system support for selling, shipping and connecting. 
  • Presence of plugins for connecting a variety of marketplaces (international platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Groupon and Etsy or country-specific marketplaces)
  • Integration of payment and shipping service providers such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Klarna and Skrill and DHL. 
  • Own PIM solution, which guarantees the quality of the product information in multichannel e-commerce.  
  • Support for different warehouses, item variants and automatic reservation of open orders.  
  • Fast design of business processes, according to the individual needs of the user. It can be adapted to new requirements at any time. 

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Plentymarkets is a cloud-based ERP system for e-commerce and is offered in the SaaS model. In the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the applications are hosted by Cloud provider and made available to users over the Internet. The service is charged on monthly or annual basis. Plentymarkets prices differ depending on the edition: 

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Detailed comparison of editions can be found on the manufacturer's website.   

In Germany, over 2700 websites use Plentymarkets as shop software, over 390 in the USA and almost 40 in Great Britain. According to BuiltWith, fashion and alcohol are the most popular e-commerce categories on websites using Plentymarkets. 

Weclapp ERP 

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Weclapp is also a German ERP solution that best suits small and medium-sized businesses. It makes it possible to manage customers, projects, orders, invoices, accounting and much more in one central software. Weclapp software can be used in the most important business areas such as CRM, merchandise management system, project management, accounting & invoicing - all in a clear, user-friendly interface. This ensures a short training period and easy use of the system. 


In our article “Weclapp as a new ERP for e-commerce” you will find the detailed description of Weclapp functions for e-commerce.  

What are the advantages of Weclapp? 

  • Quotation creation, processing and confirmation, delivery note and shipping label creation, invoicing including invoice dispatch - all this can be done within one software. 
  • data security. Your data is protected against loss, falsification, damage and deletion. They are transmitted in encrypted form and nobody has access to the company information. Weclapp stores your company data in accordance with the strict German data protection regulations. 
  • There are many integrations and plugins available (Office 365, JIRA, PayPal, Amazon, online stores, project management, etc.) that help extend ERP with necessary functions and adapt the solution to your business. The plugins can be found on Weclapp Store. The extensions can be searched by categories depending on actual business goals.
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  • With Weclapp, order processing is quick and straightforward: from the customer inquiry through the preparation of an offer to checking the receipt of payment. 
  • Thanks to the workflow automation, employees save valuable time. In addition, it is possible to make the work processes more transparent and effective, the cooperation between different departments is faster, easier and clearer. 
  • Weclapp allows for a quick start and easy software implementation.  
  • The system updates are free and take place automatically.

There are three ways to use Weclapp, depending on business requirements and needs:           

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  • You can test CRM for free here.
  • You can test the Cloud ERP service for free here.
  • You can test Cloud ERP trading for free here.   

There are two options to use Weclapp ERP: 

  • Weclapp OnPremises  
  • Weclapp Cloud 

Weclapp Cloud prices: 

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For the Weclapp users there is a knowledge base, video tutorials, and a community forum. Weclapp support from the manufacturer can be free or paid. There are four support packages: free basic package and another three are with payment. Detailed information can be found here.  

Our agency Kenner Soft Service GmbH offers you services related to setting and customizing Weclapp as well as integration and synchronization with Shopware, Magento, JTL and xtCommerce online shops. We are happy to support you with the onboarding of Weclapp and help with the data migration. Contact us for detailed information.  

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