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Inventory control, invoicing, deliveries and exchanges or returns can be difficult to manage when demand is high. Therefore, an ERP system is essential for controlling all the processes of an online shop. 

The ERP system aims to automate, improve and streamline the internal processes of an e-commerce store, as well as allow efficient management consisting of good control of stock levels, billing, deliveries, exchanges or returns.  

So, by centralizing all information in one place, the ERP system helps to:  

  • Control sales;  
  • Shipment tracking;  
  • Payment management; 
  • Analysis of goals and performance; 
  • Storage of information from different areas of the company; 
  • Tax obligations;  
  • Easy data exchange between employees;  
  • Management agility;  
  • Productivity increase. 

The main advantages of ERP systems for e-commerce: 

Integration with your online shop 

One of the great advantages of an ERP system is the full integration with the online shop, which allows for better and more efficient management. So there is no need to have multiple spreadsheets to control e-commerce sales, for example. It facilitates the strategic planning of the company and the management of the online store. 

Inventory control 

With an ERP system, inventory control in the web shop is more efficient. It allows creating a sales report to determine which products are most in demand, what is the stock level, and additionally analyse sales from all channels used by the company (online shop, physical stores and marketplaces). 


As online store sales increase, it takes longer to issue invoices and control sales. The ERP enables quick and easy issuing of invoices, whether physical or electronic. With the help of ERP manager can control customer payments, view unpaid invoices and create payment reminders. This process is thus made much easier and can be automated.

Customer retention 

If the customer receives an incorrect order or the delivery is delayed, they will no longer buy from the company. This also affects customer loyalty. With an ERP system, it is possible to collect important customer data that affects the company's relationship with them. ERP user will have accurate information about the best-selling products and consumer behaviour and can use this information to develop more effective marketing strategies and increase sales. 

Weclapp as an e-commerce ERP software 

Weclapp is a cloud-based ERP solution with extensive CRM and ERP functions that supports online shops in all areas. Since it combines the functions of customer relationship management and merchandise management, it can be considered as an ideal solution for e-commerce. It is suitable for small and medium-sized companies and can also be used successfully in larger companies. 

There are three ways to use Weclapp, depending on your requirements and needs: 


  • You can test CRM for free here.
  • You can test the Cloud ERP service for free here.
  • You can test Cloud ERP trading for free here.                                

The most important functions of Weclapp at a glance: 

The dashboard contains the most important company statistics that can be accessed quickly. 


User can plan and manage the production, create production orders, BOMs and routings based on BOMs, routings and resources. 


Weclapp offers extensive options for creating, processing and confirming offers as well as order compilation, shipping and invoicing. 


The software ensures the management of contacts, prospects, customers, opportunities, offers and all activities related to customer relationship management. So these are the features of a complete CRM system. The system has, among other things, perfect possibilities for planning and organization: e-mails, calendar, tasks and document management.


Weclapp provides all the necessary functions for managing article stocks (overview of stock levels, traceability and transparency). You can keep all stock movements under control. 


The system has excellent options for financial accounting, namely for managing all open items and finances, cash management and dunning system. 


Weclapp can be expanded very flexibly and can be connected to the most popular German shop systems -  Shopify and Shopware

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There is also a free Weclapp-Shopware interface (but it has to be set correctly). Connection of Weclapp to well-known marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay is also possible. Weclapp Amazon and Weclapp Ebay interfaces are bidirectional. The Weclapp software assures users of a quick start and easy introduction. 

Costs for Weclapp 

There are two options for using Weclapp ERP: 

  • Weclapp OnPremises  
  • Weclapp Cloud  

The system has its own REST API with API documentation and can be successfully integrated into your IT infrastructure. It has a high level of security, data is transmitted via SSL-encrypted connection with a 256-bit key. 

Weclapp Cloud prices: 

prices weclapp

To help Weclapp users there is a user manual, a knowledge base, video tutorials, and a community forum available. Weclapp support from the manufacturer can be free or paid. There are four support packages: free basic package and another three against payment. You can find detailed information on this here

The main advantages of Weclapp and the detailed list of all functions can be found on the manufacturer's website

Weclapp is therefore a perfect all-in-one solution that is easy to install and intuitive to understand. It is based on the latest technologies and is a German system - so quality is paramount. With Weclapp, SMEs can control all the most important business processes on one ERP platform. 

This ERP is, among other things, a good alternative to famous ERP and CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), Odoo, EspoCRM or Salesforce. Many entrepreneurs of all kinds have gained their Weclapp experience and benefit from time savings through automated workflows. 

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Our agency Kenner Soft Service GmbH offers you services related to setting and adapting Weclapp as well as integration and synchronization with your Shopware, Magento, JTL and xtCommerce online shop. We are happy to support you with the onboarding of Weclapp and help with the data migration. Contact us for detailed information.  


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